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Lean Bulk Diet Plan

Hey all,

Hoping I can get critique and feedback from the big and shredded guys of T-nation. Goal is to put on mostly muscle and stay lean. I’ve read a lot about macro timing on here and how you should have carbs only post workout, so I practiced that for a while, but the thing is, I feel like utter garbage and flat without carbs- I guess its just my genetics. Plus, I’m “working out” twice a day so I’m guessing I’m depleting glycogen anyhow. Also here I’m mixing carbs and fats which Dr.Berardi says is bad, but idk, I mean it’s the fat from eggs, not a donut This diet might seem really repetitve and restrictive but I have a goal and I want to achieve it. Maybe I’ll learn some lessons along the way, tweak it etc. It’s been working thus far as I’m up 5 lbs and have actually been looking a bit leaner, although that may be muscles being fuller from adding a high salt diet.

Stats: M/17/5’8/130

MEAL 1 (post cardio)

Eggs 375g
Broccoli 100g
Sweet Potato 100g

672 cals / 33C / 52P / 36F


Chicken 150g
Broccoli 100g
Sweet Potato 100g

397 cals / 33C / 52P / 6F

MEAL 3 (post-lift)

Chicken 150g
Broccoli 100g
Sweet Potato 150g

429 cals / 41C / 52P / 6F


Eggs 375g
Sweet Potato 150g
Green Vegetable 200g

800 cals / 50C / 55P / 36F

Totals: 2300 cals / 164C / 210P / 86F

How long have you been low carbs? Might take a while to get used to it and stop feeling like shit

I think most guys will have macro timing as a lower priority to macro amounts. Maybe if you are training hard and heavy often maybe you aren’t getting in enough to refill you.

oh rats let me clarify something. I wasn’t eating carbs BEFORE, this is my new diet plan

This is the most important fact. Keep measuring and keep going while things are going in the right direction (weight should be going up and so should performance). When things stop working, come seek help.

Yeah I was just running this diet by. Eating low carb has crashed my T3 and test, so I have decided to make some changes, hence the diet above. Thanks man.

Berardi has changed his stance on mixed meals. Just an FYI

You’re 130lbs ?

By 2 a days do you mean 2 weight sessions or or one weights one cardio.?

1 cardio 1 weights

oh cool, what does he say now?

Well, he has and he hasn’t. He matches strategies to your goals now.

If you just want to be at a healthy bodyweight and lean enough then you will mix fats and carbs at every meal.

If you want to be single digit bodyfat, then you’ll begin to minimize fat or carbs depending on the meal.

If you are a big pork chop and want to be single digit bodyfat then you will mix fats and carbs until you get closer to your goals.

Also important to note is that you don’t try to completely eliminate fat or carbs from particular meals. He has recipes with like 20g of the eliminated macro in it.


^ what he says:0

uhm few things. wheres the fruits? macro timing or meal timing is irrelevant. just eat how many meals you want. wheres your fat sources? all i see is eggs… veggies? you said green veggies but what kind. your diet wont last long. im sure you dont hit your micros. add fruits, expand your veggie sources, especially expand your fat sources. add w/e you want and just hit your daily caloric goal. if you do better high carb go high. this is from what i heard in other sites.

Ok you didnt answer but ill take that as a yes to being 130lbs. If so thats borderline anorexic for most males and a million mile away form needing to worry about ‘macro timing’

You will prob need to be 160 to even look like you lift let alone athletic.
Double you carbs and good fats till you hit say 150. Get lean beef in your diet. Get on a program off this site by Waterbury, Thibadeau or Dan John. etc

Ah fuck, forget been here before…

Buddy, stop making these threads and actually take the advice already been given