Lean Bulk Cycle

i would put on size for change the category next year, i’m 27 years old, i’m 177cm x 90 kg lean , around 8-9%, i have competed in may, now i’m on pct and soon as possible i would start a new cycle without put on too fat , last winter i was 105kg but was bloated and a little fat, what is your advice? thanks

5 foot 9 200 lbs @ 8-9% bodyfat…pretty damn impressive if true…anyways if you’re PCTing with the purpose of resetting your hpta if I were going to give you responsible advice I’d say run your nolva for 4-6 weeks…wait 4 weeks after last dose…get blood work to check test, e2, fsh, lh, etc. then embark on the next cycle…

how much bigger do you want to get… those stats if they’re accurate are VERY impressive…anyways “lean bulking” is determind by a few things…

Calorie intake. You’re going to want to be in a caloric surplus so let’s keep that in mind.

I’ve found fasted cardio during a bulk helps keep the metabolism firing or maybe it’s mental. Anyways. Caloric surplus and any time your bodyfat gets over the 14-15% range do mini cuts where you starve yourself of carbs and fats for two weeks because your body is going to be efficient enough to spare muscle tissue especially while on anabolics and you could be very aggresive at trimming fat and then immediately rebound back into dieting…I’ve seen Matt Porter talk about mini cuts while in off season as well as Alberto Nunez and their approaches are very similar…

as per the drugs that’s all up to you and your goals…Test base, I personally like to stay low but you’re pretty damn big so you might want something higher 500-750mg? EQ is known to be great at producing solid long lasting gains and aiding in appetite while keeping you lean and hard as long as the aforementioned are in check…again dosing is per the individual. I plan on trying this soon but only in the 4-500mg range with lower test. Tren will obviously keep you lean and hard but not everyone wants to battle the sides that come along with it. Small doses of GH can aid in localized fat metabolism or lipolysis as well as nutrient partitioning + hyperplasia in conjunction with AAS can give you phenomenal “lean gains”. You asked a very open ended question so there’s just a few ideas…with some more details maybe myself and some others can chime in to make things a little more specific for you.

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thanks man for the reply, i really appreciate. I’m in pct, i thinking to keep hcg 1 time a week till i start with the cycle for keep i decent form. I train usually 7 days a week, very muscle group train 2 times a week, and i do cardio almost every day, this regimen allows me to eat almost 4000kcal and stay lean , i would start with hgh while i’m off and try to use slin for lean mass gainz

for my pics, i posted 2 photo on the thread of shadow pro at the end, if u want see them