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Lean Body Mass vs Keto

52 yo, 6’00’’, non-insulin dependant type 2 diabetic

Dropped my bodyweight from 302 to 290 lb in 12 days with ~keto.

Average intake was:

  • 2389 kcal
  • ~30-35% protein (allways > 1,6 g/kgLBM)
  • more than 55% fats; and
  • less than 10% total carbs.

Fasted morning blood sugar decreased, but I´ve got same numbers with a missionary, ‘almost’ non-cheat every sunday IIFYM LFHC.

My problem: bodyfat raised from 35.4 to 39.7%. These numbers were monitored in a daily basis, so they are consistent (yesterday it was 38.2%).

This is not a agressive deficit (this same average intake raises my bodyweight in IIFYM LFHC).

My Question: Do anyone of you guys already experienced this same problem in your first days on keto?

Up protein. Reduce fat.


What shitty device are you using to measure your body fat? Stay the course and drop the scales and the cheat day. The odd day dietary lapse here and there is fine. At your weight, the fat loss should be linear.

Have you ever successfully dieted or controlled your weight using regular means, ie: measuring your food and regular exercise?

I just have to ask.

Because this.

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Yes, I practice regular activities since 1985 varying from some sports, but weight training too.
And yes, right now I could divide my young and adult life something between 20-25 years in good bodyshape, and 10-15 in overweight to obese bodyshape.


Forgot to update here one reasonable explanation I´ve got from a contributor of another cyberspace.

Despite the case I am using what is supposed to be a very good bioimpedance scale - tetrapolar Omron-514c - the mechanism behind this device associates less water with more fat, as well as more water with more muscular tissue.

But the first thing ketogenic diets cause is a considerable loss of water in the first two weeks. So, with gradually less water in my body, the Omron-‘bodyfat’ raised drastically.
As a counterproof to this is one ‘hard and realistic’ measurement: my waist circumference. It decreased from 123 to 120 centimeters (48.4 to 47.2 inches).

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Ok. I’m familiar with the way life changes people.

I often wonder though, how people suppose they will be successful on a highly restrictive and structured diet and exercise plan with no practical experience with even the most basic ones.

But you’ve done this before, so I’ll step out.

Good luck.

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Have you ever built new muscle on very low carb or keto ?

Of course, I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Ha. For sure. What was your protein to get ratio?

I was never too anal about this. The keto police appear to think that by eating a ‘modest’ amount of protein, e.g. 140g, you will remain in an optimal range of ketosis. What they fail to recognise is that gluconeogenesis occurs regardless of protein consumption. I routinely consumed 250g+ and still remained in ketosis. The advantage here was that you were replenishing glycogen via gluconeogenesis so, I would argue, eating more protein is actually conducive to a keto diet.

Yea I think they over obsess about it. I personally like higher protein and lower fat. Im around 180 so at least 180 gms protein and enough fat to fuel training

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