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Lean 2 Bills Pt. 4 - Synchronicity

Great ambitions make great men. Let’s go.

Been walking, been eating appx 3k calories, I naturally carb cycle sort of. Weigh 180. Look small but lean. Feel super weak.

Day 1 of many.

Shoulder circles and hangs from doorway pullup bar
3rd world squat holds

10 feet up pushups (level 2 - arm of couch)
5 pullups
20 body weight squats
5 ground to shoulder each side small sand bag
20 feet up pushups (level 1 - coffee table)
10 pullups
5 deadlift pull things with big sand bag. Wide stance felt in butt and hammies
20,20,20 body weight squats.
Set up for 5th set of 20 & left hamstring felt tight so I’m done for day 1.

Pump feels so good :metal:

Long time no see. Good to see you back!

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Thank you CL, good to be back. Sucks to feel weak. Saying “I don’t have a barbell, oh well” makes me weak. I know I’ll feel like a beast again (feeeeel like a beast lol) very shortly. Right now I have a small (100-110lb) sandbag & a large (140-155lb) bag. Will probably get bands or something before long.


You got this! Just keep at it.

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Leg didn’t hurt any extra yesterday or today, that’s good.

Hangs & scrap moves
3rd world squat holds
Shoulder circles
10 feet up pushups
5 chins
20 bw squats

5 ohp (small bag)
8 chins
10 squats
5 ohp
10 chins
5 ohp
10 squats

Felt like myself again with the little bit of DOMS from day 1 :call_me_hand:t2: Goal right now is simply consistency thru the new year.


Too many days off. Today was on. Chicken potatoes and broccoli x2


Feet up pushups level 2 (fupu2) x 10
Chins x 5
Bodyweight squats x20

Fupu2 x 15
Chins x 8
Sandbag squats x 10

Fupu2 x 20
Chins x 10
Sandbag squats x 10

Fupu2 x 20
Chins x 10
Sandbag squats x 10

Lots of grunts on pushups and pullups. Not pushing squats too hard for a while. I’ll pick up a scale soon.

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Reply #666 how bout dat

Warm up

Small bag ground to shoulder
5 left 5 right done like a set of 10 x 3sets

Noticed a little form trick where I started popping the bag up with my lower abs/pubic bone. Almost feels like a barbell clean

Rolled around under a car on Sunday & Monday, was expecting to do more of the same Fri/sat so no uhhhh “lifting”. Sandbaggin it today, hopefully installing a (hydraulic) steering rack mon/tue.

Warmup - 3rd world squat hold, 20 bw squats, shoulder circles, 10 fupu2, hang off pullup bar, 6 pullups, 3 sandbag ohp

10 sandbag squats
25 fupu2
12 pullups
10 squats
20 fupu2
12! pullups
15 squats

Merry Christmas fam!


Warm’t up

Sandbag squats/FUPUs/pullups

Only NEPA going on till today. Worked on a car, moved lots of soil. Bought a barbell ($150 at titan) but can only get overpriced plates, so joined the other gym in my town.

The last gym had a 212 olympia multiple top 5 finisher that came around once in a while. Was wondering if there are big strong people at the new…

Damn, ok

Ok warmed up shoulders and hips

Goblet squat with 80lb db

Tbar row machine
45 x12
70 x10
95 x 10, 10
70 x10

One arm KB ohp 35lb
3 x 10reps + set of 12

10,6, done

188lb. I missed the pump and I missed london broil.


Warm’t up. Pushups shoulder hangs shoulder circles scap pullups.

Incline dumbbells
42.5 x10
47.5 x 10, 10, 8
42.5 x12

Seated cable row. This machine has pulleys close to each other and it feels weird & less effective than the row at my other gym. Work is work.
115 x 10
130 x 10, 10, 10

Rear foot elevated split squats. Like the Bulgarians do.
20lb dumbbells. Like little Bulgarian girls. Also, hey Matty, how’s your balance after not doing these for 10 months.

1 set of 10 chinups. Trying to manage my corti… Nah I’m out of shape & was gassed after the leg work lol.

186 lb, more London broil.

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Starting to get back on it.

Warm’t up.

Cleans. Bearing barbell :grin:
95 x 5
135 x 3x3 w/1 hitch press on last rep of each set

95 x 5x5

Dumbbell rows
80 x 10 off rack
95 x 3x10reps off bench

Feet on bench bosuball pushups
2 x 15

Yet more London broil

Best day at the gym in a looooong time. Mostly I just sat and talked to the beautiful woman who came to the gym with me :grin:


95 x10
135 x5
155 x 10, 5 almost failed the 5th rep lol


Pullups x 12?
Feet up pushups x 25?

50 x10
75 x15, 15

Legs feel like they worked today. 15 reps of fury lol

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Done getting loose. Now I’m training. Wanted to get a squat TM, get good pressing reps in, and work on my pitiful work capacity today. Done done and done

Warm’t up

185 x5 last rep paused and felt like the bar moved relatively quickly
155 x10

45 deg incline DBs
45s x 10
12 neutral pull-ups
50s x 10
12 neutral
50s x 8
10 45deg chin handles
50s x 8

New cam baseline pics

188lb. Dinner #1 is frozen Newman’s own pizza (1050cal 45p/100c/55f) which will fuel cooking dinner #2 - porterhouse rice n broccoli