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Lean 2 Bills Pt. 2 - Fish Sandwiches

Hope you find the program you need. It looks like you have a great start with your programming.

Thank you GV :slight_smile: Super Squats has shipped & waiting on Starting Strength to ship so of course I’ll give those 2 a hard look. I’ve been doing simple push/pull/legs splits since mid Dec, also was running interval sprints post lifting for 5-9min on the elliptical 2-3 days a week up till a week or so ago. Went balls to the wall on sprints after some push pull leg day & fried myself for 2 days. I’ve since slowed down with those. Stretch every day, work on shoulder mobility every day, walk dogs every day.

Rest yesterday, dog walk & rear pads + rotors on an 02 Odyssey.

Pull day, light week
Warmups, some cable rows, some behind the neck lat pulldowns, scap pullups & scap holds.
Got the pullup bar I like so did my lil complex. All sets of 5, most of the stronger hand positions I turned into chest pullups. They felt super powerful from neutral grip today.

DB rows
10 x65
13 x65
15 x65
Did these kinda in-between neutral & Ray Kroc grip, pulled low to my hip. Cheated like hell on the end of the last set. Biceps, bro.

Curls Bro

Ab complex 3sets
12 swiss ball rollouts
12 pass swissball from feet to hands
30-45 sec plank moves

Oblique crunches from pullup bar, 20 each side

Was going to do some intervals but all the ellipticals were taken. Sooo…

5 x bar
5 x65
19 x115 fail on 20 lol

I googled the super squats book & the program is avail online. Figured I should at least know what my 20rep squat max was. My 19rm is 115 hahaha.

Did you just pull 115 out of the air? Or is this some percentage of your 1rm?

Pulled 2 35lb plates off & it made 115 lol. Yes mostly from thin air, though. By 14 I was pausing at the top & whimpered my way thru to 19. I guess it was more a “test my 115lb rep max” than test my 20rm, but worked out kind of close.

I see you pressing in your thread, CL!! You are learning cleans? Those & barbell rows will be my next moves to learn

Well, today was the first time I have actually practiced them. I think I can do this, of course I think I can do a lot of things. :wink: I used to clean the bar up for presses before I had a rack. Of course there wasn’t much weight on the bar so… take that for what it’s worth. I have no idea if I am doing it right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I clean it after I do squats, I sweat a lot loooool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Srsly though how hard could it be? Bar down low. Bar up high! I’m sure you’ll get it CL. Actually I’ve cleaned the bar from the squat safety bars to the rack after failed squat reps. Felt good in the traps :slight_smile:

If you can do 19 you can do 20 squats. You will learn the way to do breathing squats young Jedi and the force(squat force) will grow with you.

#20 went clang on the safety bars today but I had no idea how to pace myself. Never did a set of 20 of anything before let alone farting and whimpering thru squats haha. Red 40 power drink + moar glycogen will get me 20rep gains.

It’s official though. I need new clothes. I’m not yet yuge but I’m no longer tiny. 184lb after workout & food. Also ez curl bar made sweet music in my forearms that’s a bonus.

Edit - dunno why the formatting is like that

Leg day light week

Warm-up on bike, static stretch, sweet hip & shoulder moves.

5 x65
5 x85
Rest 3min no sitting toe taps hip hinges static stretch pump up my jamz
20 x115 (started pausing on 13/14)
Rest 1min
8 x115 (fail on 9, breathed thru 6,7,&8)
Rest 3min, 1-2min rest between sets of 3s
3 x135
3 x155
3 x175
3 x185 (last rep barely went up)
0 x190
1 deadstart x135 to rerack

Ham raises (bent knees in a reverse hyper type setup pulling with hammies Tried to be explosive with as little negative as possible)
2 x 20 bw
1x 8 +25plate

Books are on the slomo delivery truck. Starting strength should be here tomorrow, super squats is chilling in CA & maybe delivered as late as Mar 14. Had no idea 20rep squats were a thing, so spent last day or so reading the innernet & watching YouTube feats of strength. I used to run sprints for basketball till I puked, looking forward to that level of intensity again. Been 20years. Joints felt great, legs feel good now, let’s see what tonight & tomorrow bring.

Grow food :grin:

You are going to be one “jacked” rabbit… :joy: sorry, couldn’t help it.

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids

Lol there is a little potroast under all those veggies!

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Hahahaaa! Cute!

So much for a light week. Just call it a lighter week with an extra day of rest & no barbell bench haha.

Warm-up/run elliptical, heels off bro. Quads said no thank you so pushed with hammies & calves, toes only lean forward. Stretch and tons of shoulder moves. Scap push-ups from box, ~20-30 perfect push-ups from box

Triceps pump from pulldown rope & seated overhead rope 1set ea. Chest pump from flye machine did a hi rep set with arms straight out. Shoulder pump from hi rep standing dumbbell presses.

Low inc DB press
10,10,10 x40
7,8,6 x45

Seated BB press
5 x55, 65, 75, 85
4 x85,
5 x75, 65

Dip machine (hammer strength)
8,7,7 x270

Dumbbell side laterals
A shitload.

Starting strength came today, so I got some reading homework. Book came used but sooo barely. I’m thinking it’s previous owner made not the gains I desire.

Good news is I had a chick tell me my chest was huge after my workout. Bad news it was my mom. Better news is she made salmon & asparagus & rice for dinner! She couldn’t do that a month or 2ago. My gains are NOTHING compared to hers :blush:

Good news about your mom! How old is she?

She’s 67 & kicking ass as of recently :muscle::older_woman: Parenting a parent a little bit the last 18mo. So this book I got her is alllll fukked up?? The book is bound with chapters that read sort of from back to front? It’s pretty indecipherable. Maybe Amazon will take care of it but I wanted her to have a book. She’s gotta start walking more and reading less anyway though.

Starting strength reeeally wants me to understand the squat!

She is still young. Google Shirley Webb :wink: A little inspiration.
I haven’t read it, but I have read enough on his blog that I decided his writing is not my thang.

Whoa, CL that’s a super senior fer shurrr! Got mom doing box squats from the edge of a tall chair this week. Hopefully she will get into the garden I plant here in a month or so. She has an amazing back yard from a gardeners perspective. Jersey soil is beauty-full & she gets 8++ hours of direct sun back there.

The Rippetoe book doesn’t really read like his YouTube videos sound, TBH. Guy knows his stuff, & book is much more technical & not as obnoxiously pontifical than the “Ask ol Mark” vids.

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Took Sat off, but ended up road tripping 4+hrs in car & let myself get famished a few times. Took Sunday off too & ate & slept like a hungry then sleepy bear.

Love yer Mondays!! Decided to do 531 for a couple cycles. Assistance stuffs will still be push/pull/legs but from what I read, “…it doesn’t fucking matter, it’s assistance…” lol. Started with OHP. Still seated, but may try standing soon. Also - squats lol.

Warmups, took a few more min on the bike today. Shoulders hips static stretch foam roll

5 x55
5 x65
21 x120. Last 2 went bang bang no breathing pause

5, x bar, x55
3 x65
5 x65,75
12 x85 (conservative TM lol. Raising it 10lb for next wk)
5 x95 (felt great to press with 25lb plates on mentally, never did that before)
Form on press is better, hands closer together, throwing bar at my chin.

Hammer strength t-bar rows
6 x45
8,7,5+ x70 (6th rep was not a real rep lol)

Pullups to chest 5,6,6
Cable rows couple two tree
Barbell curls couple two tree
High rep DB rows couple two tree

Ran ~4hard intervals & maybe two tree at under 90% in 11min on elliptical.

Cow hearts & rice :cow::heart: & :rice:

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Lucy, chu has some esplainin’ to do. (Must be read witb Ricky Richardo accent, to get the full effect.)

Have you looked at the 5/3/1 for hardgrainers program?

CL, I’m currently in New Hairsey. I knows alll about whatchu talkin bout, Chica. :sweat_smile: Umm I had my hands way too wide & I was previously moving the bar forward as I started the movement. Looks like I’m supposed to start with bar under chin &. “throw the bar straight up”. If I don’t move my head back a little I’d smash my chin with the bar, not lol.

Yup I saw the hard gainer program & I’m bastardizing it based on “…it’s assistance…doesn’t matter…” haha. Lifting 4days a week (like HG program) & planned on standard 531 progression for main lifts. I can’t really see doing full body assistance every workout so figured I’d focus on push/pull/legs as my assistance. So tomorrow is deadlift, I’ll do some shrugs & RDL’s & reverse hyper & ab work as my assistance. Added in the 20rep squats because I like em. Probably 2-3 days a week for those.

You are doing the hard gainer program, no?