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Leaky Sachets


has anyone ever received leaky gear?
even if it was just one would you contact the distributor?
its my first order so maybe only if it is a substantial loss?
im open to any thoughts on the topic.


More important than the loss in volume is going to be the possible contamination. I am unsure how your sachet arrived, how it was packaged etc. If the sachet was opened somehow it may no longer be a sterile compound.

Unfortunatley I do not have any tricks as to how to go about attempting to purify the remainder of the sachet, but I'm sure there are many in this forum who know how to.
As far as contacting the distributor, go ahead, they should be informed but they will probably do little in terms of compensation.


oh man i didnt even think of that! thank you very much.
will a filter help? or should i heat the oil? matter of fact ive read about contaminated gear before on this site so i guess some research is in order.


If you ordered in 5ml sachets then I'd just put it as a loss, or filter the gear (use a .22um syringe filter). If it's a 20ml sachet I would contact the company. If not a full replacement then maybe a discount off a future order. Either way, 20ml of gear is a lot.