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Leaky Heart Valve

Just a quick post. Hope someone can help. Ive done a few cycles. This is my 4th cycle it is quite mild compared to my previous cycles.

Running TP 75mg EOD
Armidex .5 mg ed

I got high cholestrol so i went to get get a stress test. Results came back fine but docter said get a eco. (Heart Scan)

He came back to the room and said you have a leaky heart valve. He goes its not serious but we should keep a eye on it.

Do you think its steroid related? Heard Armidex can cause this problem

How many of you have had a ECo when on the gear?


I had only foun where, mital valve prolapse occured in 1 or 2 others. It must be extremely rare. I am stumped

Im new to all this. What forms of leaky valve is there? i didnt ask the specialist much because i was in shock and i havent heard of this ever. Is there different kinds? and can it be temporary, when im on the gear even TP i have problems sleeping at night. Im gonna just hit PCT now and stop gearing for a while.

What you guys think?