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Leaky Gut - What/Where to Get Tested? Action to Take?

I have a couple symptoms that are linked to leaky gut. I am currently getting some hormones treated (testosterone and thyroid) and believe some of my defficiencies from my lab work could be lack of absorption of nutrients. I occasionally notice foods passed in my stool very quickly. I also have some stubborn weight that I can’t get rid of, despite being able to get lean without much trouble in the past.

Maybe I’m over analyzing, but I wanted to get some information on if I wanted to get a test for leaky gut - what test should I target and where would I get that done? What action to take if I do in fact have leaky gut or suspect I have it? I regularly eat some of the foods that are listed to provide good gut bacteria, but perhaps could include more and eliminate the occasional gluten?

@traveling-man Thanks for this. It looks like from the test, you didn’t find a definitive answer? Did you make any adjustments to try to improve this, given the lack of hard evidence?

I think John Meadows has written some articles regarding this on the website. Check them out - they may have some helpful ideas. Good luck!

have you heard of this celery juice phenomenon? check it out it does wonders for your guy health. fresh celery JUICE ONLY first thing in the morn an empty stomach , don’t eat for 30 mins. all I’m gonna say is dont knock it til you try it. check out the pages on it on instagram etc. its good shit man,

Sometimes answers are more obvious than we see because we EXPECTED something else. The test ruled out a major leaky gut issue.

What I believe has helped me is probiotics … I feel “stomach life” got better because of it.

@traveling-man - What “leaky gut” symptoms were you experiencing? Again, I wonder if I’m over analyzing, but I seem to identify with a couple symptoms. I am carrying extra weight that seems to not be going away for the last year, despite having no trouble ridding it, in the past. I have more chalked that up with some of my hormones being out of whack though, which I’m currently being treated for. One thing I thought was weird is my defficiencies in certain vitamains/minerals I feel like I get plenty of. The other thing I would identify with is my bowel movements. I seem to often see food in my stool that I consumed within 12 hours ago.

I’ve always had a really healthy diet. No alcohol, no fast foot, very light on the sugars. I had a time of taking 800mg ibeprofen for 6 months. Outside of that I would think gum and cofee with artificial sweeteners could be the only other culprits?

Regardless… Right now I’m on a couple medications for my hormones and a handful of supplements to get my deficiencies fixed. I’m trying to help these things, and not add anything that may work against it. Would there be any negative to trying out the probiotics?


I am lactose intolerant; and have a mile case of IBS. I do not take medicine for either. I do have lactaid pills, but the only time that I really have trouble now is with chocolate milk shakes …

It is believed to cause fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive symptoms, joint ache, moodiness, hormonal imbalances and be exacerbated by Irritable Bowel. One poster on this forum felt it was tied to nightmares and waking up with the worst dry mouth ever.

I also played the butt trumped much to my wife’s dismay. Morning farts would last more than 30 seconds without stop. That has stopped.

Every doctor I have ever spoken to suggested some type of pre, pro or post biotics. I settled on a probiotic (featuring acidophilus) because I read that with my existing stomach issues, a PRObiotic was my best choice.

I also don’t experience the loud gurgling noises that I previously suffered with. Noises so loud that the person standing in front of me and behind me in a grocery line would giggle at the noises.

So in my mind, it is working … and I wouldn’t stop.