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Leaky Gut Syndrome, Need Help??

Tampa-Terry where are you?
I have been having really irregular bm’s for about a year now. I can do #2, and in less than 1/2 an hour, have 2-3 episodes of diarrhea. I have tried eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet, but to no avail. I get extremely bloated eating a small meal, to the point that I almost vomit. I have been and feel bloated and queasy. Sometimes, I do not have any energy, and lay in bed in malaise. A good nursing student friend of mine at college said that it sounds like I have Leaky Gut syndrome. I googled it, and all that I can really find are ads for supplements, snake oils, and the ilk. I was wondering what you recommend, and what websites are there for objective LGS information? Thanks for any help. -The Starkdog

uh, go to the doctor?

Been to any third world countries or drinking out of streams? Could be chronic giardiasis.


25 to 1, it’s a tapeworm. Take a bet, anyone?


Thanks for the wonderful replies. Next time I go to Costa Rica, I’ll be sure to drink straight from the canal and eat that raw meat that has been sitting in the market for a week. -Starkdog

Here’s a link to my old doctor


From what I recall, he suggested

  1. avoid dairy for 2 weeks
  2. avoid nuts for 2 weeks
  3. consume a serving of some “seaklenze” some fiber made from sea kelp
  4. olive leaf extract.

[quote]KnightRT wrote:
25 to 1, it’s a tapeworm. Take a bet, anyone?


I think so too.

If I were in your position I would consult a CHEK practitioner as soon as possible. Most of them have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to digestive health. Go to the Chek website and see if there is a practitioner in your area.