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Leaky Gut/Food Intolerance "Reset" Cleanse?

I’m really at a loss here. My weight is as bad as it’s ever been. I’ve gotten to and maintained single digit body fat percentage for most of my life. However, now with the same diet and exercise, I cannot lose any weight. Calorie deficit for a month and barely make any progress. One day of a slight calorie surplus and I’m back to square one. I’m currently taking Clomid to help my testosterone, and Armour thyroid to help my thyroid (Both perscribed by a doctor). However, my weight is still not budging.

I’m lost as far as what could be the issue. The next thing (and last thing??) to turn to is my gut health. Thinking maybe with eating a lot of the same foods for over 15+ years, I’ve built an intolerance or lack of good gut bacteria?

I’m looking for insight on a cleanse where I simply consume one formula to hopefully heal my gut, reset my body, and be able to proceed with a normal healthy diet from there. Does any one know/have experience with something like this?

I’ve done Whole30 and it didn’t make a difference. Which has me thinking I may have grown intolerant to a generally healthy food? If anyone else has any ideas on what else could be going on, please let me know.

No you have not. Cleanses are BS.

You are eating too much.

This is not a case of simply not accounting for all the calories I’m taking in. I’m quite calculated in my calorie intake and I’ve previously maintained single digit body fat eating and training the exact same way as I am now. What has worked time and time again in the past, suddenly has me unable to budge my weight while already at the heaviest I’ve been. Something is wrong.

What is your body weight currently ? How long were you in single-digit body fat and what was your weight? What are your workouts?

Weight currently is 158 lbs at about 13.5 BF%.
Would previously be able to get around 138-142 lbswith 7-10% BF.
The heaviest I would EVER get would be 150 range, and that would be after a vacation of no calorie restriction, and typically be back under 150 within the week of returning to normal diet.

Training consists of 3 days strength (2 muscle groups per day), 3 days cardio (Bodyweight, boxing, running, stepmill. 1-2x HIIT. 1-2 endurance)

Thinking an eliimination diet could be another approach as well. The thing with that is, an elimnation diet allows foods I eat a lot of (broccoli for instance). SO in the event I’ve grown intolerant to foods just from eating too frequently, it wouldn’t suffice. This is what has me seeking something shorter term of a limited liquid formula, or bone broth for a short amount of days. Not quite sure what the best approach would be. Thoughts/experiences?

Can’t comment much here as I don’t see why anyone would want to maintain ~140lbs in single digit BF. It does not sound healthy, unless you’re 4ft tall. But I can tell you for certain a cleanse of any sort is not the answer.

Bulk has never really been conducive to my sports/activity. Different goals for different people. That’s besides the point. My issue is I have no idea why I’m carrying this extra body fat, and unable to shed it. This post is mainly to inquire about any type of experiences or knowledge of digging oneself out of a hole of food intolerance and/or leaky gut syndrome.

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What sport(s) is it that you partake in?

Try the elimination diet. My girlfriend has a hypothyroid autoimmune disease, and she’s had great improvements doing an autoimmune protocol elimination diet. Might not solve the issue, but if after a month+ of it you’ll at least know whether diet is the primary issue.

Might be worth posting your labs here, if you’re comfortable with it. I know your body comp goals are atypical from the usual T Nation user, but many have great insight on the blood work. Other things might be abnormal beyond the thyroid and test.

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If you have hypothyroidism it’s probably not a great idea to eat that much broccoli. It may actually interfere with yours meds.