Leaking While Injecting

So today was my 5th injection of my first AAS cycle. Im running test E so ive been injecting sunday nights and thursdays around noon giving me 3.5 days approximately between injections. Because this is my first cycle and im worried about hitting nerves/veins ive been sticking to delts only which is fine for me. In the beginning a little sore but my muscles have gotten used to the injections.

Im using a 25g 5/8 in needle. Now then, so far injections have been going smooth, perfectly smooth to be honest. Small poke, drop of blood, no biggie u get the deal. Todays injection however i noticed afterwards that there was some oil leaking while i was giving the injection.

Was wondering if anyone could share some light on the subject. Injectiong too fast? not deep enough? to be honest i have no idea. takes me a minute or 2 to get a cc of test and i shove the needle all the way in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


google “z track injection method”

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. woke up this morning and had no lumps or anything. that was my only concern not injecting deep enough causing an abcess to form under the skin. thanks alot for the replies and advise.


I thought it was normal practice to Z track every IM injection.