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Leaking Problem with Shallow IM Delt Injections

Hi when I use an insulin needle and do a shallow IM injection in my delt, I usually get a stream that runs down my arm. Is there a way to prevent this? I already hold the needle in place for 20-30 seconds after I’ve plunged to try and help. Thanks

What needle length are you using? I’ve used various gauges and lengths and do daily delt injections, and the only one that gets in deep enough every time is 29g 1/2”. Shorter ones work fine, but once in a while I’d get a subq leak (internally).

If it’s an external leak, use the z track method for injecting



This is a fantastic diagram. Thanks for this!

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Or just cover and apply light pressure to the site with an alcohol pad, the instant you pull the needle out and relax the muscle too