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Leaked Cables, Cuban Healthcare System


Some insights in the Cuban healthcare system. These cables were not meant to be seen by the public so tampering for propaganda purposes is unlikely.


Some highlights:

And remember this supposedly is the best healthcare system in Latin America. Now they would never lie in their statistics to make them look better than they really are, would they?


Michael Moore is such a cunt. I don't mind that he has an agenda, who doesn't have one these days? But he will willingly misrepresent the facts to get his view across.



Michael Moore <3


I have friends who are Cuban, and verify that the large majority of hospitals there are total shit holes.


Wow, when the media gets a hold of this one Micheal Moore will be discredited big time - Oh that's right the media won't say anything about this they are liberal and so is Moore, so he gets a pass.


Of course. In fact I wonder if even Fox News will get ahold of this news. How well known will this be?


I'm sure Moore hopes that no one sees it. Quite a gigantic repudiation of that fat big mouthed idiot.




Not at all you can say anything you want about fat middle aged white guys.


I was in Cuba in 03,had family there that are now thankfully out. I can confirm first hand and from my family members that the Cuban system is a crock of shit. Something as basic as aspirin is unavailable,when you go into hospital you have to bring your own bed linen,and you are lucky to get a bed at that. Here in SA we hear daily how wonderful the Cuban system is on a regular basis too from the ANC government.

It is a fucking outright lie,and Cuba as a country has been destroyed by the Castros and their cohorts. End of story.


Well carry on then.


That is why we need a national healthcare system. We need to model ours around theirs.

That way people will get it out of their thick idiotic skulls that government run and distributed health care in not worth it and is not better than what they currently have available.

People complain relative to what they are accustomed to. Never mind the heart transplant pops got, the food sucked and the one nurse was a twat.


Same, I have one Cuban friend but I know his whole family, I hear the same shit. Most Cubans tend to be conservative, as well (from what he tells me, but he is the out-lier liberal).


Most Cubans are conservative on most issues, and also not fans of the system in Cuba.


I still have some family in Cuba, some got out as recently the late 1990's, when I fist saw Sicko, I LOL'd at the Cuban hospital part.

people have no fucking idea.


That's funny, little Ryan P. McCarter says that the Cuban system is a virtual utopia and is by far better than the US. Go figure, I guess he's never been there and socialist authors can say what they like.


Michael Moore's response:



I was hoping he'd respond to the parts of actual importance, such as the conditions of healthcare in Cuba, instead of masturbating to himself (again).


Or maybe the CIA hired Julian Assange to leak all those memos to cover up the fact that the one memo the US wanted to release was this one discrediting the Cuban healthcare system!

Did you ever think of that?


I guess you mean most Cubans in America.