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How bout we stick to paragraph breaks and capital letters like Shugart asked?

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Bold Be gone, Underline Be gone

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A leader is someone who
2 Has done the jobs or at least understands the jobs of those he leads
3 Understands the diffrence between times to debate/discuss and times where he must decide
4 Never forgets the value of those who follow him
5 Never asks anything more than he does/has done
6 will not accept defeat, and never tolerate people who do

Thats how I tried to lead as a rugby captain and how those before me taught me. Id be interested in your thoughts, Rugby Ed

A leader is anyone who is followed. Leadership is being in the position of being followed.

I agree with you. In general, leader is that because those who follow know that the leader has either been there and done that or will go there and do that. For that reason, people will follow more easily.

On the SWAT team I currently lead, we have had those who only had text book learning and didn’t get out front ever. Those were the bad times.

Conversely, we have had those who climbed up the ranks and earned the respect initially, but were too rigid in procedures and outlook and ultimately lost the respect due to a leader.

We have also been blessed with individuals who came out of either of the above channels yet got out front and led…took the risk. For the former, it was to go on missions with us and learn what we do: dealing with the pre-assault jitters, the assault ‘tunnel vision’, post assualt highs/lows. For the latter, to go get the book learning and challenge their own self-beliefs and ideas.

It is partially the sense of personal courage and integrity that those individuals exhibit. A sense o f humility and an ability to say–hey I fucked up…

Just my two cents.

In response to whether or not we are doing someones homework. Does it matter?

If the question strikes up a debate and discussion amongst us that continues for a while, we benefit (hopelully). If it becomes ironical that someone’s narrowly focused self-interest leads to the ironical situation of the whole benefitting at that persons expense, so be it, a pox on that person’s house.

I say, talk on…

Neal yanked my thunder from me. Isn’t a leader on who is followed? That he is right is debatable. Many are leaders who fail in the test of time.

I am only posting on this thread because I saw my name as the one who started it. “professorX” isn’t me - Professor X

This is a good topic though.