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How would you describe a leader? How would you describe leadership? (for you literate guys out there in the forum)

Prof: Great topic!

I wanted to try to get in a couple of points…I’ll give you my complete ideas later.

  1. I think a leader is not a good leader in all circumstances. That may sound like a “duh” statement…but people tend to think of leaders as being almost Omnipotent.

    Example: Patton may have been a great leader of Armies of men, but would he have been, say a great Scoutmaster? (as example)…probably not…

    2)An eternal argument (and I pose it to the Forum); defining leadership (or a leader) is often “morally neutral”. In other words, Abraham Lincoln was a leader…but so was Poll Pott…

    So, my definition:

    A leader is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things…then inspires OTHER ordinary people to do extraordinary things…

The ability to inspire people to follow you. The ability to make tough decisions for the good of the group when necessary. The ability to delegate effectively. The ability to make a diverse group of people cohere so that they can achieve a goal.

That what you were looking for?

Prof. X you just openned a huge can of worms. I have taught a ten week course on Leadership at a local Coummunity College. To shorten this discussion a bit the spectrum on Leadership runs from the authoritarian (absolute) to the non-decisive leader. I personally try be be a situational/coach style leader. Meaning that each individual under my leadership is treated as an individual (I know their strenghts and weaknesses) and I coach and encourage them along so in the end they say “we did this!” Best of Luck.

Leadership is nothing more and nothing less than INFLUENCE.

The ability of one person, to hold group of people together, to accomplish a given task. A leader is a commander, disciplinarian, mediator, and most importantly a nuturer/teacher.

A leader is someone who is there, but isn’t. His/her presence is not felt in his/her decisions but in the well-being of the group for which he or she is responsible for. A true leader recognizes that without the people around him, he would not be a leader. A leader will, when all is accomplished, say ‘we did it ourselves.’

my two cents: leader is someone who leads from the front or knows that setting the example is a critical factor; it is someone who does not take credit for what the team does, rather points to the team (of which the leader is a member) and says “they did it”. A leader takes risks in order to get people to do more than what they thought was possible and then thanks them for the accomplishment.

You are all doing someone’s homework. Check out the email I got this morning:

Hello Joel Marion,

I have been a big fan of your work. I have read everything you submitted to Testosterone.net, and have read many of the articles you have published. Recently, I've been thinking of a questions I just can't get off my mind, and I would appreciate it if you took a minute and answered it for me because you are someone I look up to, and someone I respect. And i think you would really know the answer to this question because you are, infact, a leader. So my questions are

1. Describe a leader and 2. What is leadership?

I would really appreciate you taking some time and answering this, I would love to hear what you have to say about this.

Your fan,


I responded to this email with "How long does your paper have to be?" and then this pops up on the off topic board. I hope the responses to this question stop here.

And Alan, Joel Marion could care less if you don't like him anymore. Maybe you'll learn something about leadership through this experience.


A leader is someone that can convince others to follow him across a mine field to get to a goal, not because they are hoping since he’s in front he’ll find the mines, but because he’s shown them that the goal important enough.

Well, in light of Joel’s post, I’ll only weight in on this one more time. Prof X, I suggest you get a couple books, both by John Maxwell: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (I’ve summarized the first chapter for you already), and Developing the Leader Within You.

Now get to work, and don’t forget to credit John in your bibliography.

Marion, you dork! My little brother wanted you to answer this email. I introduced him to this site, and now he’s fucking crying because you’re such a dick. Yeah, he’s 12, I asked him one day about people he thinks are his role models, examples of leaders, stuff to make sure he’s on the right track. So he wanted me to be happy, and give me a ‘cool’ answer when I asked him about his life, so he sent this out to a couple of people HE thinks are his fucking role models, people that I ‘thought’ were cool. You were one of them, you body for life chump. I don’t know how I ever respected you. You look nice on the outside, but you’re nothing on the inside. If i learned anything, it’s that someone can appear cool, but be totally rotten if you don’t know them. My brother’s question bothered no one but you, he meant no harm. Thanks for taking him like a joke.

ok, here is a chance to see leadership in action…the enenmy has return heavy fire, the team appears to be cut off…what would the leader do…

I’ll have to agree with brider on this one. I leader is nothing but a person who other people follow. Most of the people are describing what a good leader is. There are many types of leaders, but they all have in common the fact that the group follows what they do, whether it be for the good of the group or not. A leader does not have to be leading towards a common goal. Some people will follow a leader even when they know that person is wrong. A perfect example of this is a terrible sports team. I was once in a situation where the quarterback of my football team was a natural born leader, but he lead the team in all the wrong directions. The funny part is, everybody seemed to follow his lead, because he had that natural leadership about him.

Daniel, perhaps if you had rebutted Joel’s post with some degree of respectable etiquette and information rather than your barrage of unipressive insults, you would be taken seriously. Instead, you’ve chosen to represent yourself as a seething disgrace. The information that Joel was originally given led him, and understandibly so, to his conclusion. I consider Joel a close friend and know that he would not pass such judgment without adequate evidence. If your wont is to rectify a situation through providing more information, then life is grand. Your post on this thread, however, causes one to question your emotional stability.


Not only that, but your brother used the name (maybe by accident) of a fairly well-respected poster on this forum. Not a good thing to do.

Oh, and are you asking us to believe that a 12-year-old put the parenthetical “(for you literate guys out there in the forum)” at the end of his post? Kind of hard to swallow…

And who might proffesor X be? Your name is Daniel; your supposed brother’s name is Alan…

My guess is that either you have no relation to Alan and just wanted to make something up because you are not fond of me for whatever reason, or you are Alan and decided to post under a different name and make up a silly story because you are upset that you got exposed. Either way, I'm not one to care.

And as far as me not caring about people; I wouldn't spend the time I do on these boards and answering serious email inquiries regarding training/nutrition/articles, etc.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Okay, Hotshot. What is the situation? You said the enemy was returning fire. If you had set-up your kill zone property that would not be happening (assuming an ambush here). If you are on a patrol there are immediate action drills that will have been practiced prior to departing on the patrol. So you would break contract using the correct immediate action drill and assemble at the designated Rally point. For more imformation on military tactics check out on of the many websites now devoted to that website. Best of Luck.

Leadership is Action?Not Position.

Leaders look for and seize opportunities to improve the world around them.

Should have clarified more; I was responding to the response the original poster had to the assertion that we were doing someone’s homework. I wanted to see how people would respond…see if a leader would step up or how different ‘leaders’ would deal with the situation. The analogy obviously failed to work and with that you have my apologies for not thinking through the issue at hand.
And as for plans, they almost always fall apart in the face of reality…as in the time my rear gaurd let in a 4 year old child on a drug bust going bad…for which there had been a plan but there were other distractions at play…the naked woman for one…