Leader/Anchor Using the Young Jim Wendler Program

Hi Coach Wendler.

I’ve been reading and re reading some posts here and I am trying to design a program that includes the lifts I’ve learn to love and know work for my goals - which are to get stronger and maintain athleticism as I get older(current 44).

I believe I came up with a good program -

Leader(2 cycles)
Squat 5 PRO + FSL 5x5
Bench 5 PRO + FSL 5x5

Deadlifts 5/3/1(just the prescribed reps/sets)
Power Cleans SSL 5x3

Front Squats 5 PROs FSL 5x5
Press 5 PROs FSL 5x5

Anchor(one cycle):
Back Squat 5/3/1(with PR set) plus FSL 1x10+
Bench 5/3/1(with PR set) plus FSL rest/pause

Deadlifts 5/3/1(with PR set)
Power Cleans SSL 5x3

Front Squat 5/3/1 pyramid
Press 5/3/1(with PR set) FSL rest/pause

Agile 8 before each session. Jumps/Bounds ~10
Conditioning will consist of 4 to 6 400 yard runs with some rest between sets during the week. Sat or Sunday 1 mile run and body weight work(dips and pull ups).

I know this is based on the Young Jim Wendler program - I feel this is a great set up(one of your best) and I like it more then traditional Full Body programs(which I have tried but find them harder to recover from).

Your thoughts?

Thank you in advance