Leader Anchor Setup


I don’t have the latest book yet.

But until then I was looking to train something like this.

Leader Hardgainer template 2 cycles
Anchor 351 sets with pr and possible jokers

For the 3 assistance categories, I have a question. As I’m running 4 days a week, so that means push, pull on 2 consecutive days. How does this setup look like?

Bench day assistance,
Dumbell Incline bench, barbell row, single leg curl
Squat day assistance
Dips, curls, abs
Press day assistance
Dumbell Bench, Kroc row, lunges
Deadlift day assistance
Tri push down, curls, abs
Also ss band pull aparts and chins with the main pressing work

Does this look OK? Is hardgainer a program I can use as a leader?
Can I repeat this after 7th week deload? Or do I need other leader?
And lastly I yesterday discovered farmer walks. Can I implement these also?


Another question. Like this I’ve noticed I only have 4 squat working sets, with 2 high effort for an entire week. Is this too little? All other lifts have more volume. Dead lift 5x3 fsl, press 10 x 5 fsl, bench last set 4 x 5, and squat 1 20 rep set fsl.

That widowmaker after a PR set will not be easy. You’re also pushing for PR’s each top set, rather than capping at 5. It’s enough.

I know. I did a widowmaker set before. But my question is, is this enough squatting frequency to last the entire week?

Maybe it’s better to drop the hardgainer and switch to 3 day full body. 5pro bench , 531 squat on day 1, 5 pro press, 5pro dead day 2, and 531 bench, 5pro squat on day 3.

Guess I have to try some things out. Thx anyhow

Personally, I wouldn’t care for another squat session after a PR set and widowmaker. YMMV.

I’d say try it for 2 cycles like you planned and see how it goes. If it doesn’t yank your chain the way you like use a different template.

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BTW i am currently switching from the NSUNS 531 which is 5 days a week . 3 x upper, 2 x lower. With like twice the volume and almost all high intensity. I still am progressing on it. Except my bench which is getting kinda slow. (normal tho, Bench rm is 315 lbs atm, so guess no longer novice)

But I would like to lower the workout days, due to family time and also because my joints (especially elbow, tendinitis) start hurting and i’m like sore the whole week, 7 days / 7.

Would stepping to a 3 day full body not be a too drastic change to my plan? 3 day using 2 main lifts a day @ 5 pro, and the 3 assistance categories. (including rep maxes or jokers during anchor cycle)

BTW i am doing conditioning, but i don’t have acces to a prowler and hills in the vicinity. So is doing like some kind of Bodyweight hit training (push ups, lunges, jump jacks, burpees etc… ) on 2 of my 3 offdays 2 much? I mean for recovery? (As the intensity is much lower, and i don’t go to failure on any) I also have a rather active job 4 days a week. Need to walk around 8-12 km each shift on unsteady outdoor surface with a 15 kg backpack. So i guess i could skip the walking part at home :slight_smile:

I got many questions, still trying to find my way a bit