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Leader/Anchor Idea (12 Weeks)


Leader: 2 Cycles, 6 Weeks
5’s Pro

Anchor: 1 Cycle, 3 Weeks
3/5/1 PR Sets

Anchor 2: 1 Cycle, 3 Weeks
3/5/1 Hardgainer Template

Week 13: Deload

Does this look like a good format? I have Beyond 531 but I can’t really find much about the Leader/Anchor strategy. Also, as for the assistance/supplemental work, the anchor(s) should have more volume, then the Anchors should have more intensity right (meaning, higher weight/percentages). My understanding is that the leaders are higher volume/lower intensity work and the Anchors are sort of like a peak.


if you do a search , Jim gave out all this info in more than one posting reply over the past month.


Just delete the “anchor 2” segment and it would be a good start. Start another 2/1 anchor/leader afterwards and use the hardgainer as the leader. It is absolutely not an anchor based on the volume.

Leaders and anchors came about after the Beyond book but will be in the 5/3/1 Forever book, and there is plenty of content on here about them.


Oh I see. Thanks for the clarification.



2 cycles of Hardgainer


1 cycle of PR sets and (possibly) 3-5x5 @ FSL


Thanks! Just to clarify, with the 2 cycles of hard gainer, I pretty much follow the template exactly but I omit the PR sets, correct? (I’m basing it off the article on T-Nation)


Just follow the “Hardgainer” template to the “t”. I don’t know how many movements have PR sets (I can’t remember) but there are a few that do not.

Just follow this as:

  1. You’ll have a better understanding of very basic programming.
  2. You’ll find out which main work/supplemental work/assistance best helps your lift.

Training is this amazing, evolutionary process; it is constantly changing and has to be tweaked. HOWEVER, if you don’t follow something things “rote”, you’ll never figure it out. In other words, you must be led by the hand and eventually walk alone.


I’m confused as to when to deload. Is it after the three cycles or after each cycle?


Considering 5/3/1 has not changed, not sure what the question is??


In the original book, you deloaded at week four. Now we have the seven week protocal. And with leader and anchor being essentially three cycles, do you deload after each leàder cycle, after both leader cycles, or wait till the end of the anchor cycle?


Again, the principales if 5/3/1 have not changed.
Why do you keep asking the same question when you are answering it yourself?


Weeks don’t matter; only the number of cycles matter.

Again, the weeks DO NOT MATTER, it is the number of cycles.