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Le Parkour


I really wish I had the balls/athleticism to do this stuff. It seems like so much fun.




That is absolutely insanely awesome!

Those are the modern day equivalent of Ninja abilities. They have the athletic ability, leaping and coordination of a cat, crossed with the grasping and swinging abilities of primates...it'd be like the whole world is a big playground.


Le parkour? you mean something like this?


Very close, yeah.



I thought he meant La Parka

Running around in your halloween costume all year long - that takes REAL balls.


I used to really want to do Le Parkour, but then I found out it takes a ton of gymnastics, and well, gymnastics is kind of gay.
Here's a video I just watched earlier today on Le Parkour:

And this is somewhat like Le Parkour, but with all the boring parts taken out and only has the impressive stuff in it:


They beat James May in a race across Liverpool in the last episode of Top Gear. Not that that is saying much.(James was in a car, they were obviously on foot.)


Wait, gymnastics is gay now? Which part is gayest, the phenomenal strength, the awesome dedication, or the sweet uniforms they get to wear?


After watching a bunch of videos it occurred to me that most, if not all of these guys must have a storied background in gymnastics. I would love to go into a big rubber-matted gymnastics gym and try all this stuff out.



this is a better representation of parkour, i currently doing some stuff for a parkour website and have even trained some of the athletes keeping them in shape for what they do. Believe it or not alot dont have gymnastic backgrounds and the flips and such are largly self taught, some of those videos are of tricking which is a different kettle of fish.


That stuff is way cool. And some of those videos are just plain sick! I wish I had a big gym with trampolines and tons of mats to jump around on.

Check out the classic movie Russian Climbing:


Yeah, I never get tired of watching that Russian/Latvian climbing video. I've seen it probably 10 times or more.

bump for the vid


I don't understand the difference between parkour, freerunning, and tricking.



tricking is all about flips, spinning kicks and acrobatic stunts. Parkour is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. Flips and such are not effcient and not considered parkour, freerunning is pretty much a combination of tricking and parkour


Le Parkour has it's downside though, getting drunk with your friends then saying "hey guys i'm going to jump from one handle bar to the other on these stairs...what?...no dude it's cool I'm a professional"


Damn! Youtube is now blocked at work. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Definately fun if you live in a large city or in a downtown area. But kinda sucks in the outskirts or small towns where there are only sporatic clusters of obsticles


Try veoh.com. My work had youtube blocked, but not veoh :wink:




Thank you, sir.



I can see a broken tibia in their future.