@readalot thanks again


Looks like someone was running some 17aa AAS?

Did the jump coincide with a change in supplements or diet if you don’t mind?

Much better trig/hdl-c than earlier. Ouch on the earlier date. That NMR lipoprofile would be ghastly.

So it is clear to reader…i mentioned 17aa and you mentioned the mystery man was using 19-nor. Hence, compound in question was not 17aa but tren?

Completely hypothetically speaking.

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I wish that person well on their recovery. Very interesting. Any chance he/she mentioned a weekly dosing on the test/tren?

Tell them thanks for pulling and sharing the data with the group.

16 weeks total. 300mg test c. 200 mg tren a.

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Might be useful to put baseline lipids on the left of the table as another column if mystery man had them.

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November 30, 2016, natural mystery man visits regular family Dr. Told him all the symptoms read about on the internet. he pulled labs. said you’re fine, Vit D is low, start with that.

April 22, 2020 mystery man got started with a TRT clinic. Natural baseline labs.

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Mystery man is a man of details. Well done!

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  • Mystery man’s baseline trig/hdl-c is excellent BTW.

  • Excellent erythrocytosis avoidance genes!

  • Get a medical opinion on the PSA rise over time.

  • Get an echo and perhaps strike up a relationship with non-judgmental cardiologist.

  • Is the mystery man tracking his BP, RHR, HRR over time?

Wish him well from me.

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@throwawayfitness FWIW, I have horrible particulate numbers too. They are better now that I am on a statin but this is familial for me. I’ve had a CAC, stress test, and echo in the last year and all yielded perfectly normal results. No blood flow issues, cardiac modeling issues etc. Cholesterol is not the end all be all of cardiac health. My dad has had 4 heart attacks starting at age 41. Hes still alive 20+ years later but had perfect Cholesterol. My mom and I have horrible cholesterol but no issues.


Good anecdotes. My point is his particle numbers suck on cycle (typical with tren and 17aa) and I would guess they look really good at baseline (compare trig/hdl-c baseline vs on cycle). We don’t have the data. But to your point is the correlation/causation perfect? No.

Definitely something to be aware of though if your LDL-p drop is completely self-inflicted.

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will do

BP and RHR yes. no HRR data.

Monday 9/20/2021 BP: 98/54 RHR: 74
Monday 9/19/2022 BP: 102/62 RHR: 74

taken 3x per week and recorded.

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