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I just got some blood work done 3 weeks after my cycle (first cycle, Test E 500 mg/week 12 weeks) and fortunately everything came back good. I didnt get my Test Levels or E2 levels checked yet since prior to the cycle but I got a test done prior to and I had low test so I am planning on blast/cruise for the future.

My lab work:
HDL - 61
LDL - 76
Tri-glycerides - 73

Systolic - 134 (doc said hes been getting high readings on his patients that day but im still going to get this checked again as it is still too high for my liking)
Diastolic - 74

Now my HDL/LDL seem pretty good but for the more experienced guys on here, are there certain compounds you noticed effect your cholesterol more than others and besides a good diet what supplements have helped you maintain pretty stable blood work year round?

Just making sure I have everything covered prior to me jumping into blasting/cruising and eventually TRT. Appreciate it.


any nor 19 will affect your lipids negatively. Tren absolutely wrecks them


avoid orals especially winstrol and anavar