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LDL (Bad Cholesterol)


Hey all,

I've just had my blood checked recently, and turns out my LDL is ont he high side (155). I've been off exercising for a while, and have been eating wrecklessly!

I have decdied to get back into the routine of being active and have recently bought supplements:

Metabolic Drive
Surge recovery

I would like to know if any of these supplements coudl worsen my LDL??

all input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


No, they won't worsen your LDL.

By the way, the LDL bad cholesterol thing is a bit outdated, which you won't hear many places.

LDL isn't bad, and in fact are about 5 different sizes to them. Sadly, most tests won't tell you this, unless you have a doc that is very up to date.

LDLa and LDLb are among 2 different sizes, one big and fluffy and one small and dense. The LDLb is the small dense kind that can be problematic. Especially once they are oxidized which is basically a chemical alteration that your body doesn't like.

In fact, meats, eggs and the such have been shown to have a slight effect on LDLa by raising that and improving HDL.

If you're concerned about your heart health take a look at your Tiglyceride:HDL ratio and shoot for 2.0 or lower. This is by far the best indicator (as of now).

If you want more info on the subject there are some great books out there that I could recommend. Or hell, some free articles online as well.


this is a great video that reiterates what Modok is saying.


Would you mind expanding on your thoughts about cholestorl and what not would love to hear it


I got a ration of shit from my "wellness" nutritionist and the doc recently about this. Cholesterol was a touch high, LDL was 120 I think. Based on my diet/training, I would be shocked if there was a problem. Talked to my personal doc later.

The real test for bad LDL is NMR Lipoprofile test. This will actually tell you your risk by measuring the various sizes of LDL/VLDL particles. Waiting on the results myself.


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Pretty sure he's done that before.

If you're interested you could have a read around here:

I haven't personally done enough research to come to a confident conclusion, but from what I've read so far, the whole cholesterol-heart disease hypothesis is extremely suspect.


The large and fluffy vs small and dense LDL size theory has been taken out of context. It is being used to give an atherogenic 'score' based on a theory that was disproved over twenty years ago. Don't get me wrong, it definitely has value, but not in the context it is ever used.

I disagree that people should look to books for information regarding cholesterol. I suggest you find a review article in a high impact factor journal. Something in 'Progress in Lipid Research' or anything similar


jonny bowden fan?

the easiest way to control cholesterol levels, regardless whether or not they really do factor in heart disease, is to control your triglycerides. It's the absolute simplest way.

Another thing you can do is take in EFA's and actually, eat more cholesterol. More cholesterol from good sources. Grass fed beef, free range eggs.


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Have some results recently below, which my doc isn't bothered about (as I've been referred elsewhere due to thyroid over production, in fact I only found out the below after asking for a copy of results).

Seems like my "good" is a bit low, my "bad" a bit high, but total and triglyceride score are okay. Does anyone else have any opinions?

Serum cholesterol 4.82 mmo/L
Serum triglyceride 0.93 mmo/L
serum cholesterol/HDL 5.07 mmo/L
Serum HDL 0.95 mmo/L
Serum LDL 3.44 mmo/L


Bowden, Taubes, Dr. Lundell and others


Check out Dr. Ravnskov's site:

His books are very good. "The Cholesterol Myths" (his first book) is out of print but can still be found on Amazon. His website has some very good articles. Click on the links next to each fact and it gives you a full article. The only title I don't agree with is #4 but the material is sound in his description.


Something about cholesterol struck me a few years ago.

I had an ex gf whose brother was rail thin, I mean concentration camp survivor thin, yet had some crazy ass cholesterol numbers, they were very high. When you see this kid, the first thing you would think to do is to feed him a monster submarine sandwich while drinking a full fat milkshake, he was so thin. He goes to the doc, and gets on cholesterol meds, and for a short period of time his cholesterol went down. But not soon after, his cholesterol went back up and went back to the doc, and was mind boggled as to why. Apparently, while the meds lowered his CHO, his body compensated by making more of it's own (according to the doctor).

If your body makes more of something you are artificially trying to lower, could it be that your body is programmed to function at the higher level ? Why are these baselines numbers applied to everyone, and who devised them ?


Why don't you agree with #4?


There is plenty of evidence that too much saturated fat and/or cholesterol in the diet promotes atherosclerosis.


I have seen evidence for sat fat being bad on the Precision Nutrition forum, but have not seen the evidence for dietary cholesterol - any studies you care to share?



Really? read Taubes book Good Cals, Bad Cals

also google Bowden, his latest blog has a quote from Dr. Walt Willett lead guy at Harvard on such studies and says there is no evidence of what you stated above


Sorry when i posted that video wasnt there then i forgot i posted in this thread. Good video


You mean i have asked for MODOKs opinion yes i have i like to hear someone i know is knowledgeable share information


Totally agree, would also add cutting down on the stressful lifestyle we lead these days.