LCL Injury

Hey guys, I was recently in a car accident that damaged my knee. I thought nothing of it and played football two days later, as we always do on Sundays. I took a tackle with my feet planted on the side of my knee. The doctor said it was a torn LCL, and I could go to physio for it, but they would just be watching it, and it wasn’t really worth my time. I also just recently got it drained.

This has been about 5-6 weeks since it happened, and I still have very limited mobility in it. While there is still pain, it is the fact that it just won’t move for me that is bothering me more.

I was wondering if this could be a lack of flexibility from underuse. Would you guys reccommend hitting the gym again (which I really miss for legs!) and trying some squats and deads or staying off of it for a while. I’d ask the doc but campus docotrs are tough to book sometimes.