LCD Performance Studies?

Im doing a paper showing that you can achieve decent performance with a LCD vs High carb. the only things im coming up with are rat performance and diabetes studies.

Does anyone have any links that show good studies for endurance and resistance training?

I remember there was a study by Kewick and Pahn (wrong spelling) that showed after 5 days adaption to lcd resistance training performance was maintained, and that the glycogen stores were slower to deplete, but I cant find it.

I want to blow my gatorade guzzling banana , cereal eating professor away! He doesn’t believe that LCD are good for anything.

Well I was gonna say the bagillion of bodybuilders should be enough to convince you…but then you are talking about an ‘educated’ man. Some how science diplomas think rats in lab are more applicable that anecdotal observations and personal experiences. The general university science population is in a sad state.

/rant over.

Low carb diets are extremely good for body composition, but it’s going to be pretty hard to find a study showing they have a positive effect on performance. There are studies saying it negatively effects performance though.

Check out this one:

I seem to remember it thought it positively impacted performance ( i think it’s a review of the literature regarding performance on LCD’s

His blog has a ton of good science about LCD.

thanks TO Jeff VOLEK I found what im looking for!
Positve from endurance stand point but you can match performance with weightraining.