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LC Grow tastes great...


I got my first can of it today just as I was on my way out the pad.
I threw a couple of scoops in a shaker along with some water and ice cubes and it tasted soooo good.
I've always had to get all creative with other protein powders just to make em taste bareable. Like add sweeteners, fruits, half and half, etc.
I never thought I would like a protein powder mixed with JUST water and ice.
I'm sorry I just had to give a ringing endorsement to LC Grow!
I'm expecting my Hot Rox and Surge in a few days and cant wait to start the T-Dawg diet.
It's great to not dread choking down protein shakes as part of a diet.


My girlfriend calls LC chocolate Grow "cookie shake" because it tastes so good :slightly_smiling:


i use skim milk.



The Vanilla tastes great too. They both have a taste that is common between them. I almost want to say a hint of coconut.

Anyway, sometimes for desert, we'll mix some the vanilla with fat free/sugar free bananna pudding for some evening snacks. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top after it thickens.


dry oats and low carb grow with a little water mixed in tastes just fine to me....i loves the grow.


Grow is one of the only protein powders that really taste good without milk. It's great in just water, though mixed with a little Hood low carb milk it's insanely good, like dessert.