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LC Grow! Back in Stock!


Low Carb Grow! has been out of stock since the Buy 2 Get 2 Free special has been running. It's now back in stock and the same deal applies:

But two bottles of LC Grow! from the Superstore and get two bottles free.

Special ends Oct 31st. Free overnight shipping on orders of $150 +.


It's about time! Any word on the Surge!?


No word on Surge yet. We'll make an announcement if/when it becomes available during the promotion.


Already placed my order for LC Grow!, I love this stuff!!


How's that work on the LC Grow? Can I order one of each flavor and qualify? Or if I order two vanilla can I get two free chocolate to go with them?



I believe you get to pick the free flavors at checkout.

If not, you can get help below and perhaps make an order over the phone:

Biotest Technical Support Toll Free:


Yep, you were right, you get to pick at checkout. 2 vanilla and 2 choc are on their way.



w00t! 4 buckets of grow and tribex, all to magically appear on my doorstep tomorrow afternoon!


It's about time!! Thanks for the update.


I ordered 2 each of chocolate and vanilla, and I was able to select 4 chocolates at check out, so you should be able to select whatever combo you like.


I ordered the low carb Grow. Still waiting on Surge. Come on, guys!