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LBM x 16 a Good Start for Lean Bulk?


Height: 6'
Weight: 222
BF%: 19%
LBM: 180

Hey guys! I met up with a buddy who is a personal trainer/nutritionist. I am about 6 months post op knee surgery, and starting to get serious back into the gym. My goal is to build up some solid muscle before even thinking about cutting down. That way I have something respectable to show off.

He weighed me, and tested me with a handheld Omron BF% calculator. He stated right off the bat that these things arent 100% accurate, but its a good tool for measuring progress over the next couple months.

My questions-

1.) How accurate is this hand held device on BF%?
2.) He started me at LBM x 16, + 500 for calories to try and add size with as little fat as possible. Is this a good start?

Macros are around 60% carbs, 30% protein, 10% fat. I log all my foods on fitday, and I am steadily hitting around that 3300 cal/day mark.



Handheld body fat machines are usually very inaccurate. You can use them to track trends though, i.e. your body fat is going up or down.

With regards to the calories, just try it out and see how it goes, personally I would suggest a bit more protein and fat.


If can recall correctly that those things test with a electrical current through your body. So being well hydrated or dehydrated can throw off the tests.


Thanks chim. So would you suggest something more along the lines of 40/40/20 P/C/F split?


That seems pretty standard, but everything depends. Your best bet would probably be to try it out and see how it works.