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LBM on People of Different Heights




5-10lbs for every inch. This isn't an exact science, it is an estimate.

If someone is 300lbs at 6 feet tall, someone 5'10" could be anywhere from 10-20lbs less yet still look just as thick (in theory).

That is why taller lifters need to understand that they will have to gain even more size just to look like they lift.


What amazes me is looking at UFC fighters, for example someone like Sean Sherk looks great, but he stands across the ring from guys that don't look near as good and they are very close to the same height and weight.

Just a small change in bf% can make a tremendous difference.


Kind of off topic, but you have to remember that UFC fighters "cut weight" for weigh-ins, especially the wrestlers (which Sherk is one of). He's probably closer to 175-180 when he walks into the Octagon, not the 155 lbs he weighed in at.


And Sean Sherk cuts an amazing amount of weight at that.


yes, it sucks, lol.
I think using fighters is a bad idea because of the fact that they cut weight and go up and down, its hard to make an accurate comparison.
also bodyfat percentage is a deceiving variable. for example, if I dropped 5 percent of my bodyfat and retained all muscle I would LOOK alot bigger, though I haven't actually gained any size.


From a mathmatical standpoint, the relationship of weight to height is not linear. To maintain the same proportions the average radius of a cylindrical object has to increase in relationship to the length. The mass of said object increases in relation to the square of the radius. The relationship is not linear. People using these rules of thumb need to realize that the larger the difference in height, the larger the error is in the assumption.


Probably a basic question but say you have someone who likes the actual scale weight they are at. If they want to be the same weight, but appear vastly different, they should most likely increase muscle mass, then cut fat to get back down to that weight?


Ok lets see after a quick bump

2 Person with Exactly Same genetics,Same bodyfat, same bone structure,same age,Height are accurate

(A)Person weight 163 lb (Carbed up) at 6.0
(B)Person weight ? (Carbed up) at 5.10.5

Would the person at 5.10.5 need to be around 150 lb to look the same as the 6.0 feet person? 150-155? Good estimate?

So its 5-10 for every inch?



6'0" 163lbs and 5'10" 150bs

So I take it you are 6' tall but want to look like BPiFC?


So if I wanted to look like a jacked 6'0 163 lbs I'd only have to weigh 143 at 5' 10"? SWEET!

I better go drop 53 lbs of muscle. bye



Brad PItt in Fight Club

jeez, only on T-Nation would that have to become an essential acronym to learn.




fuck, i kinda look a lot like brifc. fuck

seriously though, bpifc, plus lats and legs, isnt nothing. least im 5'8 165 not 6'0. so im bpifc - 2" or 3", therefore bpifc was approximately 5'10, 145? judging by the looks of him, he had 14' bicpes, and probable 14' quads. rest assured, all future bpifc wannabees, only work out upper body, emphasis on your delts, chest, abs, and traps. ignore legs besides obscene runnnin, eat healthy.

bpifc got bitches, robert paulson on a bulk got none


BPiFC got bitches but so do many other people who don't resort to looking like a girl track star.




haha i know T-Nation hates him, but some of the insults he gets are lame. amazingly, it does take hard work to look like he did. as a goal, maybe not for me, or many people here. but to have built my frame to the point where most people at my school say im big, even though i look similar in size to him, is fine by me. and most people compared to BPiFC would be smaller as well. or at least in way worse shape.

edit: op, fuck off in a polite manner. i bet hes 5'10 to 6' at 165-185 max. probably 160


Scale weight doesn't matter in modeling really, I mean it's MODELING, it's about aesthetics. Lean out enough, compare bodies and look and the mirror. I'm sure you can take it from there.

When they said about dropping 10-15 pounds they were probably just talking about losing fat.


Surely there's an online bulimia community that could help with this.