Lazy People

Chances are if your a T-man, you hate lazy people. Maybe not hate, but really dislike. Anyway, America has become extremely lazy due to its technological advances. Some examples would be: Ab shockers (God forbid if you actually hate to break a sweat to get that six pack!!), escalators, liposuction, just to name a few. If you can think of some more, please name them. Also if you can think of any instances in which you witnessed laziness in it’s most extreme form, post it here.

I like the snickers commercial where the kid is yelling for help and a girl outside hears and has to break into his house. When she gets in he’s sitting on the couch yelling at the top of his lungs for help, and she asks what he needs. He then asks if she can get him the remote control from on top of the tv he is watching. Then they do the whole “Laziness an extreme side effect of hunger” thing.

I love that one

Good one vegita.

Any parking lot across America! People will circle the front 2 rows for 20 minutes waiting for a spot when they could park 5 rows away and walk in 30 seconds! I always find this funny- I call it spot-stalking.

I also know people that will send an e-mail to the office down the hall. You could just get your fat ass out of your chair, walk 30 ft. and have a one-on-one conversation, but that would be too hard.

The empty garbage room on my dorm floor is a good example of laziness. Rather than walking their lazy asses to the end of the hall, guys on my floor just throw their huge bags of beer cans in the bathroom. There will be piles of trash in the bathroom while the garbage room is spotless.

Lol Jeff!!

That and people who wait 3 minutes to take an elevator up two floors…

I work in a pretty small Civil Engineering firm and my boss’ wife (also our Bookkeeper) would always press the intercom button on her phone to talk to anyone in the office. This wouldn’t seem so strange, but our office is in a reeeeally small house. (I’d say about 1000 square feet.)
You can actually hear her voice through the air better than you can hear it through the phone. It’s really quite funny.

It’s not bad to be lazy if the benefits of doing something are less than not doing it, especially if there are no benefits to doing something. In fact, I don’t even know if that is laziness at all. If people want to take an escalator or an elevator, there’s just no reason not to. There aren’t substantial benfits either way, so the person will do what they enjoy. At the gym I always take the elevator up one floor, and that’s fine. There are no substantial benefits to me taking the stairs.

The parking lot is an excellent example of laziness, but really all you have to do is look at 80% of America’s obese fatasses and they might as well have LAZY written on their damn forehead. But for real, the ab shocker is what I think the prime example of laziness. I hope that they NEVER get the abs they want just for being a lazy cocksucker.

Those remote controll vacuum cleaners. I think they are cool in a nifty sorta sense but come the fawk on… lazy lazy lazy

Backpacks that have wheels attached.

Liposuction. I saw a show about plastic surgery the other day, there was a very overweight girl who was 16, and the surgeon was willing to operate on her, because apparently she had tried diet and exercise and it didn’t work for her. That is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard.

Another guy was getting liposuction, and the surgeon was telling the cameras that the guy was very concerned with his appearance, and he works out and watches what he eats etc. The guy didn’t look like he’d touched a barbell in his life!

I used to go to a gym in Farmington, NY. The biggest bad-ass pick-up trucks driven by the biggest “gym rats” would park on the curb right by the door, ignoring the sign that said not to. The parking spots were 20 feet away from the curb. My wife always liked to point out “how these big healthy guys couldn’t walk 20 feet to the door.”

That’s lazy, and one or two other things.