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lazy lifting partners

Do any of you have or had problems with lazy lifting partners? This guy I lift with is always late, at least fifteen minutes, loafs around from each exercise to the next, and doesn’t eat nearly enough. But, he has these dreams of getting up to 260 and benching 400lbs. I would tell him to stop lifting with me, but I am good friends with his girl friend and him, outside of the gym, so that makes things a little complicated. He is moving in a few weeks and I know I can put up with it, but it really pisses me off that he doesn’t have the drive to put everything he has into it.

I think a lot of us have dealt with partners like that, at least for short periods of time. You should start by showing him your post (as in this thread, for all of you with a dirty mind out there), or at least talking to him about his “motivational issues”. I think there are several articles here on T-mag that would also be good for him to read. I can’t think of the names of any off the top of my head, but many by TC and Chris would fit the bill. Show him examples of people that you know (possibly including yourself) with both the positive attributes you wish to instill in him and the results that he’s looking for. If none of that works, get another workout partner and make him jealous. Oh, and give him this link: www.t-mag.com.

I say meet at the gym, throw around a few nice words,but make your workouts solo. About changing his drive. You can’t. He has to. Don’t worry about it.

I have been training solo, but I see this situation a lot with others. You can just tell one guy is dedicated and the other isn’t.

I fully understand your problem, I had a cousin who I worked out with, who was fairly lazy. I solved the problem by talking to him, and I guess mentoring him…I am not sure if this is something you can do, but if I were you I would talk to him. Be respectful, but firm. And see what happens…Good Luck!

Frankly, I’ve given up on training partners. Occasionally is fine, but long-term? Can’t hang. Even if they’re motivated (which most aren’t), trying to fit in the same workout objectives, daily schedules and all the other stuff that you have to have mesh effectively is damn near impossible. I guess that in a situation like ko and Patricia have it might be okay, but otherwise, I work out alone.

I went through the same problem. My “training partner” doesn’t even show on some nights making bullshit excuses like I’m his boss at work or something. What i do now is plan my workouts as if he wont be there, then if the fucker doesn’t show nothing needs to be changed. If you’re one of those guys who needs someone along to perform better in a workout (im in the same boat sometimes) id suggest taking your MP3 player or walkman or whatever and carefully selecting your music. Get yourself in the right frame of mind this way and pretty soon you’ll find you can train on your own just as well. As a side note there is a good chance that you’ll make much better gains than he will - this might help to motivate him, who knows? Whatever you do don’t let yourself get sloppy because of his habits.

I’ve been working out for six years and probably only trained with a partner for 6-9 months of that time. The guy I’m training with now is always late too. Usually 15 minutes but when its 30 minutes it pisses me off. I’m on a tight schedule so starting without him and having him join in the workout can be frustrating. I’ve always enjoyed flying solo because you learn to depend on yourself, for motivation, discipline, and everything. Training partners do have there benefits if they are good. My advice is to let hime take care of his own business outside the gym. But tell him that when steps in the gym he better be ready to go to work.

I have a training partner if you can call him one. He comes over my house to train with me but I use him as motivation more than as a partner.

All I have to say is thank the lord for safety bars on cages!!! More than just a life saver!