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Lazy and Cravings w/out Fat Burner?

I been taking HOT-ROX extreme for about 8 months now and I decided to take a week off from it and have noticed that I have been so lazy and unmotivated. In addition, I’ve started to kind of binge on carbs. Rice cakes with cashew butter, cereal…etc.

Has anyone experience this when taking time off from fat burners? I hate to think I will have to live taking fat burners forever.

Any suggestions?


maybe the lack of motivation resulted from slowed and/or absence of weightloss all together. I actually had a similar problem cutting that winter hibernation belly last year. I based my diet just around taking the fat burners so when i stopped taking them i felt no need to diet anymore at that time and preceded to ravage the dollar menu on a daily basis. By the looks of your pics you dont need HOT-ROX in my opinion, but good luck i know youll kick it up a notch and kick ass.

You just need to adjust being off the product after being on for a while.

It looks like it’s been working well for you, so you’ve been doing something right.

You are supposed to cycle off HRX for 4 weeks I think after 12 weeks of use.

Also, I’ve had experience with carb binges leading to serious drowsiness/loss of energy if you have been dieting and watching carbs.

I crashed for 3-4 days after a weekend carb up one week. Thats normal cuz your body is no longer accustomed to the blood sugar spikes.

HRX works on your thyroid, so you’re probably having a temporary bout of hypothroidism. A month off is probably a good idea. This is a good time to do it too, with spring right around the corner. But yeah, follow the directions!

Also could it not be the lack of caffine now?

Where may I be able to find the information on cycling the HRX? I am curious and want to get more information about it.

This is how I started my morning, all good and clean. I did take my HOT-ROX again for the first time since a week yesterday morning and then decided not to take my afternoon dose. After that forget it, when it was time for my next meal at 6:30pm I can’t tell you all i ate.

Oatmeal-pumpkin Pancakes 8:30am

1/4 cup of blueberries 10:30am
1/4 cup of oatmeal
1 Cup of egg beaters

coffee 11:50am

1/4 cup of brown rice 1:30pm
5oz of Tilapia
3oz of spring mix
2tbs of rasberry vinagrette

cashews 3:40pm
1 scoop of Metabolic Drive
1/4 cup Muesli cereal


I have cycled off my fat HRX too. The cravings are there, but I think part of mine is do to not feeling well. I miss the energy. I have eliminated for other reasons right now, but hope when I get to feeling better, to get back on. The instructions are simple, but they never discuss the cycling off. I am beginning to think this is a good idea.

Oh and by the way, I really do think it affects the thyroid like they say, since I already have an underactive thyroid anyway. Some of my tests have shown high.