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Lazy Americans...




haha ! bet he's got one of those remote control boosters you stick on the end so you don't have to actually point it at the tv. pretty fly crib though.


Hey, I know that guy!


I'm betting he busted his ass to get that set up though. Just like working your ass off so later in life it'll be easier on you. Just short term!


I couldn't find any indication that that individual is/was an American. Is it you? Or are we just ok with those stereotypes now?

On the upside, at least the dog will be able to run for help when the fat bastard's heart explodes.


He's probably Australian, we have more than our share of fat bastards here too. I see obese school kids all the time, its really sad.


No, no indications of being American. I just figured, since we're the fattest country in the world.

Perhaps a more appropriate title would have been "fat shit."