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Layoff, Maintaining Mass/Stength?

In august I will be going to Europe for 3 weeks and won’t have access to a gym( with any sort of regularity) Asides from the obvious such as keeping cals up, not partying too hard, getting my rest ect…
what is best way to minimize loss of strength/muscle. I’m looking to maybe come up with some sort of plan that I can do in the morning with just bodyweight exercises.

Anybody have any special tips or a good routine that can be done in the morning within 45 mins using bodyweight exercises?

And I have heard of overtraining before a long rest, anybody know how to implement this?

oh and right now I’m lifting 4/week 2 upper/2lower- pretty much a “Westside for Skinny Bastards” type program

Id say just have fun with training and vacation just do what you want that day try unilater leg work, maybe hill spints etc push ups, burpies, chins just do what yopu can if there is something anything heavy pick it up and carry it squat with it etc maybe bring a few bands with you.

Yes over eaching the week or two prior can be a great thing then you get gains from the over compensation train dog ass crazy mainly the week prior hit it hard and often and then take time off if I have vacation tat will be not active I will do this a lot

main thing enjoy the trip three weeks isnt going to do much if you just stay active etc and may even come back better refreshed etc



Are you Kidding? Go to europe and have a blast! Do some pushups, pull ups and whatever to maintain some.

Seriously, 3 weeks in europe is a chance to enjoy life.

Besides, getting back in shape after a break like that is always a good humbling experience.

Sounds to me like a perfect excuse to have a full workout lay-off everyone needs once a year. Let all tenderness and minor injuries heal, do only stretches to increase flexibility these weeks. This might even give you a real chance to enjoy Europe.

Thnaks for the replies.

If you want to overtrain a bit beforehand, check out everything Waterbury’s written about high-frequency workouts. But most of all, have fun in Europe! I’m sure you lift to enhance your life, not live exclusively to enhance your lifting.