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Layne Staley

Holy shit! Layne Staley is dead…he was found ODed yesterday. AIC rocked and was easily one of my favorite bands a few years back. Everyone crank up “Dirt” and remember Layne.

Check this out.I love AIC, and i hadn’t listened to Dirt, one of my favorite cd’s in about a year. Saturday night i was looking through my close to 600 cds and decided to throw dirt on. i listened to it two times through, trying to sing along with good ol’ layne. then driving home that night the dj on the radio said they believed layne to have died. I though it was pretty freaky!!! he ws a great vocalist, and AIC was one of the best bands of the 90’s. check out Mad Season also, his collaboration with pearl jam, he sings about his re-hab from heroin. great disc. RIP Layne you’ll be missed.

Dirt was far and away the best album that ever came out of the grunge movement – way better than anything Nirvana, Soundgarden, or Pearl Jam ever did. I miss Layne already, but no one can really be surprised. For the last 10 years the man’s been an OD waiting to happen.

Alice in Chains is great, and Layne Staley will be missed. My local radio station played every AIC song in alphabetical order in honor of them. It was awesome, I listened for hours. Its too bad so many great entertainers had to ruin their lives with drugs…R.I.P. Layne

I used to see these guys in Seattle before they made it big, its to bad.

listen to would?
great song,my fav aic song.

NO EXCUSES-They’re best song period.

Stallion are you from MN

My vote would have to go to “Sea of Sorrow”

would?, rain when i die, man in the box,rooster, am i wrong

Too bad his “friends” didn’t remember him for the two weeks he laid there rotting in his apartment.

The killer is me,What the hell have I,Again(remix).It pisses me off Cobain had thousands of people at his vidual and only a few came out to the fountain at the Seattle Center to pay homage to a far better artist. Staley will be missed.

Yeah, Im from St. Paul. I was refering to 93 X. Where are you from?

I did like AIC. Especially JOF. But I have to
say that I just don’t get the whole muscician-
junkie connection. Cobain, Staley, Weiland. I
mean, these guys have talent, fame, money,
and all the women they could ever want. Yet
they destroy themselves and their lives with
smack. Don’t they have anything better to do?
I mean, do these guys go “oh yeah, I’m gonna
become rich and famous so I can kill myself
with heroin?” Such a waste. All I can think of is that they either have some really serious psych probs, or else they are just pussies
(for starting on heroin in the first place -
yes I know opiod addiction is very unpleasant)
In the case of Staley, this isn’t really surprising. The only thing that is surprising to those who followed AIC is that this didn’t happen sooner.

Every time I hear about one of these talented people ODing, it makes me think of the Rollins Band song "Another Life":

"Can't you find a better way to deal with this place?

Watching your life die
We're all watching your life die
Your hands are wet - Your mouth is dry
You shake and sweat - You want to die
Your eyes are hot - Your skin is cold
You're so young - But you look so old

Lie in bed all day staring at the ceiling
Your friends come around
Because they wonder how you're feeling
You send them all away
Because you can't identify
They don't know you;
They're not even high

See the monkey's eyes.
Look deep into the monkey's eyes as he comes to you smiling.
Day after day the monkey's eyes become bigger and bigger.
Soon the monkey's eyes are all you can see.
Soon the monkey's eyes become YOUR eyes.
You feel the monkey's bite.
Monkey see monkey do, monkey will destroy you.

If I could make wishes true
I know what I'd wish for you
Another life
Another life for you

AIC was the greatest band out of that region, the song writing, the musical talent…Hands Down the best. It’s a shame he couldn’t quit the smack. It seems that has killed off most of the people from that scene by now…Oh well, I guess I won’t look forward to any albums from them anymore.

AIC was a great band and Layne will be missed. How eerie it it to listen to Down In A Hole, that song really reflects life!

Down in a Hole, and Man in a Box, though the message isn’t as instense.

hey I’m originally from Blaine but moved to Forest Lake Recently

hate to feel, sea of sorrow, again, river of deciet, i don’t know anything, godsmack, them bones. great shit, way better than nirvana ever was. pearl jam is pretty damn good though, at least the first 4 discs. just a little more mellow. soundgarden is badass, just played too much on the radio, listen to bad motor finger, or super unknown sometime, great discs. layne was a bad ass though!!!

I’m a Seattle musician from WAY back

Why do they kill themselves with heroin?
The heroin high is intensely pleasurable, this pleasure level is not to be had naturaly, and the long term effects of heroin make you not care as much about dieing so:

a: Dont do heroin, and then eventualy die

b: Do heroin, and then eventualy die.