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Layne Pulls 645 Raw Double Overhand Grip (WR)


Couldn't find this in the search function so here you go.

Layne Norton:

Yep. Did I mention this is 11 months after his pec tear? World record raw double overhand deadlift.

Video of his squat including the deadlift:


That is so impressive, and he makes it look so easy too.


Jesus. If he shook your hand he could break it.


That was a hook grip, doesn't take anything away from it!

He's a very helpful guy over on bb, one of the few.


Damn. That's impressive.


wow. thats unreal, done at 220, too


Not to take anything away from the guy because he's clearly quite strong...

But come on, if you've been around the strength community for any length of time you'll come to realize that not many people are going to depend on/or are capable of double overhand for max attempts. This is clearly hook grip...

And WR? Not unless hes 132lbs.


I am not dogging on this guy either, he is VERY strong and deserves to be acknowlaged as so, but....

This guy was pulling 700 raw in the day with the hook.


132lbs Raw record 645? highly doubt it.


My bad, its was Lamar Grant 683lbs...in 1988, so likely a suit offering about as much support as Layne's singlet.


Hahaha love it. That "federation" world record stuff annoys me. i've broken a lot of WDFPF world records, but don't go calling myself a world record holder because I know it's still only mid table in the IPF.

It was only 292kg like? Dudes need some perspective.

Hahahahahahaha ultimate pwnage. I love seeing that happen. Nice one!

EDIT: Are his knees even locked out?


Koklyaev pulling 891 lbs double overhand...


haha I just had a look at some of those world records at my weigh class (90kg/198lbs) the equipped world records are as follows.

MARTIN Cathy (2002) USA 160kg Squat

MARTIN Cathy (2004) USA 98kg Bench

MARTIN Cathy (2002) USA 165kg Deadlift.


Quality shit.


You're comparing yourself to a girl?




self pwn3d.


suit and belt is raw? k

i didnt know pulling DOH was that much harder either. its the only way ive ever done deadlifts


What for real? Switch to the alternate and watch your max go up 30 pounds.

BTW I personally only consider raw, actually raw. No belt, no wraps, no nothing but a white t and some shorts. Depending on the federation though, they may consider knee sleaves and belts raw.


I never realized that was considered raw. That was a good lift though. I did a little more weight than him at the gym, at a little less bw, unfortunately I rely on straps.


He's natural, so you have to give him that. And doesn't have mega long arms

he frontsquats 405lbs for reps, so you know he doesn't have a deadlifts build