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Layne Norton's Peak Week Recommendations

Competing in my first natural show in four weeks and have been researching different methods of last week peaking. Layne Norton in a recent round of videos he had on another site said to not mess with manipulating sodium and water, but instead, keep drinking up to and on the day of the show. He also doesn’t recommend playing with sodium in any way, except for having a sodium rich meal a few hours out from the show.

This seems to fly in the face of everything I’ve read or heard about the topic, and I’m wondering what others’ thoughts on these recommendations are? The most often repeated peak week prep tip is cut water to sips the night before, and then sips of water only on the day. I’ve tried Thib’s “Six Days to Shredded” protocol a while back with disastarous effects. After following it to a tee I was as flat and stringy as a pancake on the day of my shoot and couldn’t get a pump.

I’m sure if you hired him his recommendation would be much different. Messing with water and sodium in the sport of bodybuilding can cause some health problems if done incorrectly, so I’d assume that was his “safe” recommendation.

I have a friend who has success with Laynes recomendations in the past 2 shows hes done except he was client and Im not sure if thats what he also does with his clients, going along with what waylander wrote

Shelby knows his shit