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Layne Norton


anyone else a fan? has anyone seen his dvd Layne Norton Unleashed? I used to watch his weekly video series awhile back and I remember that him saying that he bulks for 3 weeks and cuts for a week may have caused a bit of stir here.


I like Layne, hes a strong and smart dude.


He stomps around his gym like a spaz, but he's a smart dude who's made a lot of progress and knows what he's talking about.


I wouldnt say im a fan, i like him tho. Strong guy.


One of the most helpful guys on bb.com, very inspirational training log. I've got to pick his DVD up when I have the money.


I enjoy his writings. Never seen his videos though.


Big fan of Layne, based my entire precontest nutrition off of his writings on bb.com. If you haven't picked up his video, I'd def recommend it. If you order off scivation they'll send you thirty servings of xtend.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at my first BB show in May. He's certainly a smart individual, I'm considering hiring him as a coach in the future.


I am sure he is a nice guy and a very smart person, but I did not like his dvd as much as I should have. He did not do full workout routines in the dvd which was disappointing. He obviously knows his stuff, but I would have liked more coverage/footage of the actual FULL workouts rather than just spliced together a bunch of exercises.

He does power-bodybuilding, which is somewhat similar (in concept not necessarily in application) to what Billy Mimnaugh is doing at Elitefts.com. It is worth buying and I recommend it to anyone who is a natural bodybuilder, but I just wished it had more workout footage.


Smart, dedicated, and most of all humble. Truly a gentleman in our sport.



cool guy. love his work.


Whatever happened with his pec tear, I think he had surgery any success?


Yeah, said he's gonna compete again in 2010 I believe.



Yeah, I think he recovered. I think he was intentionally taking time off from competing in BB-ing anyway.


he got mad on Youtube when i said his 5 plate trap bar x5 wasn't as spectacular as all his dickriders made it sound.

he said he had a 600-something raw deadlift, i said no doubt, thats a good lift but a 495x5 trap isnt that special dude. he was thoroughly upset. i dont think he should post vids on the internet if he cant handle any criticism.

it's also funny because he didn't respond to anyone else's comments (that i saw) on there yet as soon as someone says something critical he logs on to comment back. definately a sensitive dude.

wouldn't be suprised if he showed up on the forum to comment on this too


I agree, but why leave a comment on someone's page just to say that it's 'nothing to write home about'? Negative youtube comments are the lowest of the low on the internet (just above youtube comment arguments).

Anyways, I wish I had the man's hook grip! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcJKDhn9GKs

My thumbs can't take that quite yet.


i wrote it because i've done a 5x5 trapbar deadlift. and i didnt make a youtube video about it.

wanna know why i didnt? because i wasnt doing a form check and i wasnt trying to show off. if you post a video on youtube of you doing a lift, its either to show off or look for form critique and he obviously wasnt doing it to look for form criticism. this guy needed to get knocked off his high horse, thinking he's a god because he has these little YouTube newbs who think that shit is impressive to start with and he's getting all gassed up. and yes he is obviously wicked gassed up or else he wouldnt have gotten all pouty when i said what i said.

he has some good lifts, ill give him that. but showcase only the stuff thats worth being put on the net. dont post a vid of a fucking 495x5 trapbar.


Definetely a very driven individual, and I respect that alot.

However, I am not too impressed with him. If I am not much bigger and stronger than him by the time I am his age (of course I'll be a natty as well) than I will not be accomplished. I'm already closing in on his max bench (before his pec tear), I think it was 385 and a sloppy 385 at that, probably why he got injured in the first place.


guy answers tons of questions on bbing.com and MD. I think he's hitting up another PL meet soon here, should be good to watch he had lots left in the tank at his last meet.

and what's the point of leaving negative comments on youtube? Would you say that to his face? I mean maybe you would but that's a pretty harsh thing to say, the guy works pretty hard at what he does regardless of the weight he's using.


sort of how i feel, even though my numbers are no where near his, he just doesnt seem very big to me


Thats what average to slightly above average natural genetics with great work ethic looks like. Professor X and such are way above average along with great work ethic. I think I read many times about natural bodybuilders saying that their contests are mainly about dieting down and not about any appreciable amount of muscle that one would expect an IFBB pro to have.

Layne is way stronger and bigger and has better work ethic than me by far, so it is not a knock on him, just that natural bodybuilding in general will never have that massive freakish look.