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Layne Norton vs Westside Barbell Debate

I know these are two pretty different routines but they also have similarities. I’m talking more about how the assistance work is and how the days are set up.

It seems to me that Westside focuses more on doing high intensity/low volume assistance work on speed days and low intensity/high volume on heavy days. Im referring to Jim Wendler’s version of it.

However, Layne Norton is a big believer in focusing on a certain rep/set scheme on each day. For example, on max effort squat days, you do high intensity/low volume assistance work and on speed/hypertrophy squat days you do low intensity/high volume assistance work.

To sum it all up, what do you think is better? HI/LV on power days and LI/HV on speed/hypertrophy days, or vice versa?

Also, which style of routine do you personally think is better for a raw powerlifter? Westside has been a very trusted and respected routine. However, Layne seems to be one of the best up and coming powerlifters in the nation and has been a very successful all natural bodybuilder. He also has his PhD, so the guy knows his stuff.

i think that is a great question to be worried over things that dont matter to 99.9999% of the worlds population.

to try and answer, define better.

there is also the fitness level of the lifter. it is my opinion that a program that is optimal for someone changes over the years. and to reach a top level you have to work on your weak links. the one that works your weak links better will work better.

Quick answer, just look up Layne Norton videos, then look up Westside Barbell videos, or Supertraining Gym videos. That should answer your question. Although strong, Layne Norton has nothing on those guys.

Li/Hv on dynamic days
Hi/Lv on max effort days