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Layne Norton vs. Ice Cream Fitness


Document: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4Xsnr-DTEd9VG5UZUkxVmVYSmM/view?usp=sharing&sle=true

You Tube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrfFF4405WY&feature=youtu.be


Funny that you posted that, I just finished reading the piece. I think that in a sport that is always going to be comprised of various rumors and conjecture due to various supplements and practices employed by competitors of a certain level, that you have to expect some talking. However, in the case of a guy like Layne, who has authored actual peer reviewed studies en route to, and post receiving his Phd, as well as having been subjected to many many different methods of drug testing according to fairly stringent rules and regulations, for someone to not just make a few comments, but go so far as to film and publicize multiple videos making claims that go counter to easily accessible proof of the contrary,.. well, that's just stupid. I guess it was just a matter of time before one of these youtube-"experts" had the legal screws put to him.



i like how serious he is wearing a dress next to a stuffed animal.


Actually watched the video after my earlier reply. I love it when people pretend to be legal experts, using all sorts of legal sounding words and speaking all slowly like it makes it sound more believable -lol. If this guy were half as smart as he thinks he is, he would have at least had an actual attorney look over the document and most likely advise against making yet another video aimed at the one specific person he's been publically obsessed with.

Now I don't have a J.D. but I can't imagine his reaction (above video) to receiving a 30 something page document informing him of possible legal actions against him due to previous behavior is going to be helpful if/when this does go before a judge.



That dude thinks Norton is using shit? Bwahahaha.

Here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-msK-omqL0k ) he doesn't even get the difference between being very lean and having round muscle bellies. What a retard.


He could be?

Who knows


I just find the idea of someone looking at Norton's physique and point the finger, saying "unattainable without drugs" to be extremely clueless and retarded. If he's using anything, it is simply impossible to tell just by looking at them. Like, completely impossible. To have entire videos "debunking" all while looking like a total pile is just ridiculous to me.


Excuse me, but what exactly is an Ice Cream Fitness? Good grief....


This is that thing you posted on FB.

Yea, I'm sure this guy should be taken seriously wearing that outfit. WTF?!


He doesn't give a shit about the lawsuit. His goal is online character assassination in front of his admittedly small youtube audience, and a nice side benefit is the free publicity this will generate.

Of course he knows fully well that he will have to take back some/most of his statements eventually, with an apology and possibly pay up --- at that point he will call Layne a "legal bully" so he can look like a victim in front of the youtube/facebook morons who worship his words as gospel.

They in turn will respect him even more than usual, simply because he "dared to speak the truth in the face of legal threats". So yeah, a youtube/facebook guru with a large enough fan base will end up winning financially no matter what. And Layne will rake in some green as well at the end of the day.


Soo...Layne never actually failed a drug test. Even if he did use drugs, he wouldn't be the only guy to be what they call at my gym "competition clean" and claim natty.

But regardless who cares. I don't see why him or Layne should take legal risks so long as Layne's passing drug tests. I think ICF is banking on YouTube $ to outweigh legal risk


I listen to the ICF channel sometimes, but I'm not really sure why its so popular. Anyone?


While he is respected for his coaching methods, research, and other contributions, much of Layne Norton's reputation was built upon him being a natural bodybuilder. Attacks on that status are meant to cast a shadow of doubt on the validity of his training and nutritional recommendations, and remove the illusion of "natural results" from products attached to his name.

For a lot of people of this site, it doesn't matter, they're intelligent enough to have realistic expectations of themselves and any products and programs used to reach their goals. Though there is an aspect to the fitness industry which enjoys a clear distinction between "nattys" and the morally dubious users of steroids. Programs, products, fitness and nutritional/supplement advice promoted to the audience is based on ideals of naturally achievable results - validated with a bodybuilder or athlete with a test proving they've never had a needle in their ass.

Any natural bodybuilder who is found out not to be is automatically forced to the other side of the fence. Along with a change in reputation, this means losing a fan base, clientele, and specific marketing opportunities which are all geared towards the increasingly lucrative natural bodybuilding and fitness circuit.


Natty Filt


Correct for the most part.

In order to convince the "natural hero" crowd, a trainer/guru must look either big and be strong but soft/not-ripped OR he must be ripped but stringy, bird boned with tiny wrists and unable to hoist impressive weights (exception being the 5'8" and under crowd who can look filled out AND ripped without ever touching so much as a pro-hormone)

Layne carries decent size (compared to a LIFETIME natty) at contest level leanness, so the "natural hero" crowd wont need much fodder to be convinced he's been lying to them.

That said, I remain unconvinced that there's more money in that segment (not natural lifters, I mean the "natural hero" segment). For the most part that segment is filled with people on the FB friend lists of the likes of Jason Ferrugia (fan base = middle aged crowd who dont spend that much) and Ian McCarthy (fan base = college and school aged crowd who CAN'T spend that much)


I don't know much about Layne and this issue, but I recall that I looked at some of his PLing training vids on the tube some long time ago and was surprised that he acted like a very insecure fucktard in the comment section. Someone had some legitimate questions about his lack of proper squat depth. It was enough for me to file him under the category "pathetic" and not care for what he possibly has to say.

Just saying....


Hunted down said vid, top comment says;

"This guy has done so many steroids that steroids do him"



Actually, that was me.


layne norton and...the other guy cookie cream fitness or something, i think theyre both fucking shit


I would like to see a debate video between the two