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Layne Norton Based Diet Plan

Hi guys, haven’t posted for many years but have got out of shape and need to sort myself out. Currently 43 years old, 280 lbs at around 25% body fat. Put on 30 lbs of bad weight in the last year. I have devised this diet plan from Layne Nortons recommendations. Just wondering what you think as need to sort myself out big time!

10 egg whites
2 slices of whole meal toast

Pre workout
250g chicken breast
250g whole grain rice

Intra workout
40g whey protein
40g maltose trim

Post workout
250g chicken breast
200g sweet potato
Green veg

200g smokes salmon

60g whey
50g nat peanut butter

60g whey
50g nat peanut butter

Works out around 380g p, 195g c, 85g f per day averaging approx 2,800 calories. Any better food choices would be appreciated as I think 100g peanut butter a day might be too much? Many thanks

Yep clean foods, so as long as training hard/high volume should be fine

The Kroc has his precontest weight loss posted where he goes from 250 to 220 in like 36 hours, he eats peanut butter, to stay afloat because it is most calorie dense food, and a tea spoon gives crazy calories, energy. How are you at 85g a day fat when you eat 100 grams peanut butter, i am not expert at 280 the weight should fall off at 2500 cals, iam down to 290ish from 302 in two weeks at 4500 calories daily , what do you have against whole eggs, i say you’re better off with 4or5 whole eggs, use peanut butter for fuel.

I wish i coulddo that diet looks good,replace the egg whites with 4or5 whole eggs l, two packages low sugar oatmeal, and a multi vitamin, if i was on that diet i would cut up fast, tuna and turkey, are good alts to chicken breast.

I certainly appreciate the feedback guys, thank you. I guess I went for egg whites for breakfast as didn’t want to mix carbs with fat! Two sachets of oats would be approx 30g carbs with 5 whole eggs, 30g pro and 30g fat! My understanding is its bad to mix fat and carbs at same meal! Am I wrong? Thanks again

Total macronutrient Intake over the course of the day matters more than each meals macro content.

No need to avoid carbs and fats in the same meal because each meal can take a while to digest.

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