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Layman' TRT Log/Diary - Bodybuilding - Red Pill/Blue Pill

Hey guys

Incase you guys want information here goes

I have had my last injection of HCG in the week. I’m on currently on 20mg tomaxofin twice a day, I’m going to start teetering down and coming off soon.

I’m feeling good, Praise the Lord.

I reintroduced daily sit ups because I believe it is possible to bring back my genetics.

the supplements that I believe have been helping me by the grace of the Lord:
-Mushroom complex (noticeable )
-Lions mane (noticeable mind function)
-black seed oil pills-(I felt a stronger relief from this than curcumin with black pepper and it helped me when i didn’t have hcl and pepsin around)
-hcl and pepsin
-CBD isolate (it made me feel better after I had too much THC with the RSO experiments, I think the 2nd batch was sativa RSO, anyway i have vaped lots of CBD now, and I feel back to normal, thank God)
-injectable B12
-MACA Powder (added to coffee)
-D3 8000iu per day
-Cod liver oil 2g per day
-biotin 12000mcg
-Glutamine 25g-30g per day for now (I take less when I don’t need it)

No edit, bad lighting


Sit ups:

  1. 40
  2. 33
  3. 31
  4. 31

Push ups:

  1. 33 - diamond (morning)
  2. 32 - flat
  3. 29 - decline
  4. 31 - incline
  5. 46 - flat (after lunch)
  6. 27 - diamond
  7. 29 - diamond
  8. 31 - diamond
  9. 27 - decline (after dinner)
  10. 30 - flat
  11. 28 - diamond
  12. 23 - decline
  13. 22 - flat lol

I think i just worked out how to get my videos 1080p on YouTube, I think all needed to do was put the phone horizontally lol

So, In the first video I looked so funny during the last reps lol, i tried to correct that. It seems during the last reps my back and traps get involved. It looks like im working the same muscles that get used in pull ups. I didn’t realise that was happening but I don’t mind because my traps are feeling/looking jacked right now. Praise the Lord


Sit ups:

  1. 33
  2. 35
  3. 34

Push ups:

  1. 31 - flat (morning)
  2. 28 - diamond
  3. 41- diamond (after lunch)
  4. 32 - flat
  5. 34 - incline
  6. 36 - flat (after dinner)
  7. 26 - decline
  8. 29 - diamond
  9. 34 - Flat
  10. 24 - flat

Hey guys, I think I just did a one arm push up for the first time

Yes, i can do one arm push up for reps. Praise the Lord

Hey guys

I tried to go to sleep after my last post, but that didn’t work lol, i got really excited after I did the one arm push ups. I don’t know why I’m struggling to sleep this night. I’m probably only going to get a few hours, but I don’t mind.
So I’ll explain what happened more thoroughly, I was resting, it had been a few hours since my last push up set. then I wondered If I could do a one arm push up. So I youtube’ how to and watched the one with kinobody. That’s when I realised I need to put my whole body into it, it had been years since my last attempt.
I did 6 reps right arm, 4 reps left, 4 reps right, 3 reps left. I think my form was decent thank God, but I won’t count them until I see my form. I will try to record it tomorrow to check
Anyway I’m going to try to get a few hours sleep now. If God wills

Hey guys

I’m happy with my one arm push up form for now, I think these reps are good enough for counting, Praise the Lord