Layman' Training Log/Diary - Bodybuilding - (Red Pill/Blue Pill)

But i think i would feel even better with lower estrogen

Then I guess you’ll have to experiment with it to find out. Let us know the outcome.

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Hey bro

I started TRT to treat my ulcerative colitis

I was loosing lots of weight, i was having extreme fatigue regularly, i was working out at home and going to the gym regularly but not getting results, i was loosing muscle and not recovering properly, my neck became worryingly thin, weak and sore for around 3 months without getting better, my neck was getting worse, i was struggling with the weight of a safety helmet at work, and it was painful to look up, i was worried my neck was in danger of breaking, my neck felt very fragile. I was feeling very weak and with low energy most of the time.

All those symptoms got better very quickly, within days my neck felt better and the soreness went away. the weight came back really fast, within weeks the muscle i lost came back, my neck is bigger and feels strong and healthy

I started making progress in the gym again, i gained around 6 kg in 2 months, i recover like normal, i feel strong and healthy, i have lots of energy all the time. I dont get fatigue anymore

Most of my symptoms are gone, im around 90% better

I feel as though if i improve my diet i will be cured

I do feel really good, much better than before TRT, but wouldn’t i feel even better with normal range estrogen…

does “EOD” mean every other day?

You think 40mg every 2 days would be better than my current protocol?

I was thinking of dropping to 45mg twice a week, every 3.5 days…

Thanks bro

Next time ill probably take my blood test on Thursday morning

OK, remember that alone, without changing your protocol, will result in lower levels. Good luck.

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High TSH is frequently seen in men that have recently started TRT. It will decrease over time.

T3 is mostly generated within the cell (cytoplasm) from deionizing T4. Only a minority of T3 that ultimately reaches the side of action (nucleus) is generated outside the cell and transported into the cells.

rT3 does not bind and therefore does not block the thyroid receptor. Forget rT3 other than in the critical ill patient.

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Apologies @layman - I must have miss read… I thought you were doing EOD injections. If what you are doing has you feeling great, you should stick to that protocol… But, if you want to see how lower E2 could feel, you’d have to do some experimenting with dose size and injection frequency to get to a lower E2.

If you do change, make sure you stick with the same dose and frequency for 8 weeks before you assess the effects. Also, do you blood draw as close to, and before your next shot to get a trough reading.

Good luck!

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This is your opinion but isn’t shared by all of us.

Bolger and Jorgensen studied about 100 chemically synthesized thyroid hormones with regard to their binding kinetics to the nuclear thyroid receptor.

Yes it binds, but about 100 times weaker as T3 does. And there is a lack of evidence that it localizes to the nucleus.

I tried to explain this previously:

It isn’t about “TRT”. Regardless of what is causing the excess Estradiol, whether it is TRT, high-dose Testosterone, other AAS agent, or even obesity, etc.

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So this was a lab experiment as in not in a human being? If so I’m not convinced.

You are incorrect on Reverse T3. It applies to everyone, not just critically ill patients. It absolutely does block Free T3 from exerting its beneficial effects because rT3 binds to thyroid hormone receptors preventing activation.

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Yes, EOD is every other day.
Yes, decrease your Testosterone dose.

My advice is to work with a functional medicine/Naturopath doctor. Ulcerative colitis can be cured. Most MDs do not know this and they prefer to treat you with drugs like Prednisone that will keep you sick because they damage the stomach/intestines even more. Do a Genova Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (Ask to use insurance. They run it through insurance and you pay a flat fee upfront ~$200)

It will sound crazy, but research this: Fecal Microbiota Transplants
Your gut microbiome (bacteria) has too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria.
The cure is (yes, it sounds gross) transplanting stool from a healthy donor. Usually, antibiotics are taken prior to the treatment to kill off as much bad bacteria first. Once your intestines repopulate with the good bacteria, your ulcerative colitis will be cured.
**Probiotics will not work, as they are only transient. You need bacteria strains from another human, as these will colonize your intestines.


In biochemistry such an vitro study is considered the final proof of a theory/pathway as it provides a mechanistic explanation excluding cofounding factors which are encountered in a complex biologic system.

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Yes, absolutely agreed!

So it was done in a test tube, not a human body with an immune system and the body controlling bodily functions.

Then post something that actually proves him/them wrong. Stop the thyroid madness hardly counts as a scientific source, FYI

Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice

Sounds drastic but if it is the cure ill definitely want to do it. Im going to do some research on fecal transplants

Is there any other way to increase my good bacteria?

Thanks everyone for the advice

If my estrogen comes down to normal will my T3, rT3 etc be fixed

If i temporarily stop my TRT doses, roughly how long will it take my estrogen to come down to normal?