Layers with DB Bench?

CT I’m going to take barbell pressing out of my routine for a while, I don’t seem to be making much progress lately, actually it almost feels opposite (I haven’t been able to bench over 275 for two weeks after hitting 305 about a month ago.) So I want to keep using the layer strategy and just use DB’s instead on chest days, in your opinion is this feasible, should the volume be modified or any other specific changes? Or should I just change up my workouts for chest days back to an old non-layer layout?

also here is my weekly strategy: DAY 1: incline tilt bench, DAY 2: high pulls, DAY 3: decline tilt bench, DAY 4: high pulls, DAY 5: upper / mid back (non-layer), DAY 6: front squats / VL work, DAY 7: arms pump (non-layer) … Week 1: Ramp to 3RM, 3 cluster sets, 3 HDL sets, Week 2: Ramp to 2RM, 4 cluster sets, 2 HDL sets, Week 3: Ramp to 1RM, 5 cluster sets, 1 HDL set, Week 4: Ramp to 1RM, 3 HDL sets, 2 max pump sets … I was about to enter Week 4 this week.

The original layer workout doesn’t work well with dumbbells since bringing the dumbbells in the pressing position between reps (clusters) or mini-set (HDL) takes away from the efficacy of the program because that action rubs you of a lot of energy and strength.