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Layers with Boxing


I am currently doing the 10 Day strength cycle and loving it (ramped to 150kg for bench press from pins on Sunday at 77kg which im really happy about)

Question is that I have just signed up to do a coporate boxing event. It involves 12 weeks of training before the fight. Intrested in how I could keep using the layer system with my boxing training? I will box 4 days a week.

Can I keep the 10 cycle but spread over 3 weeks? or is the work load too much? I am sufficent at Olympics lifts and I am thinking that the Olympic complexs would be useful.

Thougts and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Yes you can stretch the cycle... as long as you do the 10 days in order you can stretch it to fit your schedule.

  2. Complexes would be useful for boxing because they will improve your capacity to perform at a higher level for longer. If the boxing preparation is 12 weeks, than the best place to use complexes are from weeks 6 to 10.


Great, thanks so much for your help.