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Layers Targeted for Fat Loss?


Hey CT!

ok so after gaining a solid 15, its time to get my body fat down to sub 8%..

i've read lots of 'fat loss' layers posts. your comments are as wise as ever, basing around the idea of focusing on maintaining strength to stop/minimize fat loss.

since then, you brought a new world of layers to us in the form of density, carries, complexes etc.

i was wondering how would program your layers to stimulate fat loss, rather than doing strength layers and using cardio etc to loose a few pounds.

maybe density with higher reps? carries for longer durations?

i'm really interested in how you would set up the layers for this goal!

i look forward to your response,

all the best,



I think CT mentioned this in a previous thread. Basically most important thing is to keep strength up to make sure you retain all your muscle but without over stressing your body in a calories deficit so the perscribed system was: Layer + Density + Carries. Keeping it simple


One of the biggest possible mistake when trying to lose fat is to move toward higher reps... if you do not work hard to force your body to maintain its strength, you will lose muscle.

You should not use your lifting program (as in alter sets and sets to burn more calories) for fat loss.

Fat loss is obtained through dieting, a quicker workout pace and carries.

Furthermore, you wont build much muscle, if any, when dieting down naturally... so it doesn't make sense to use high volume methods. Use a minimalist approach and focus on at least maintaining strength.


thanks guys,

that all makes sense!

fat loss starts tomorrow!