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Layers for Throwers


Hi CT,

I was wondering if you train any throwers, specifically javelin throwers? How do/would you go about training them. Would it be the layer system as is or a slight adaption to take into account the extra training volume and ballistics of throwing? I am looking to pick it up again after a long period off and would be looking to throw approx. 2 x week to start off.

Many Thanks As Usual


No I never trained throwers, sorry. I can't really comment on the use of layers for them. For shot putters I would be able to because their training is fairly similar to football players. But javelin throwers are different and I have no experience with them.


ah ok, thanks anyway. Just out of curiosity, do you adapt the method in any way for your shot putters to take into account the extra volume or change the focus for pressing in any way, say to more explosive methods?



I do not train shot putters, I said that I would train them pretty much like football players since the physical capacities needed are similar... it wouldn't be much different from a bobsled athlete either.


when i a thrower,and when i coached throwers on the hs/colleg level, the basic lifting program was thesame. the accessory lifts and the drills varied some for event specific. basic strength and explosiveness carryover to all the throws. you might want to ask ct what he would rcommend for the football players and bobsled atheltes since he said they are similar to shot putters.
take that plan for your strenght and explosiveness and then add your jav specific drills.

there are lots of other places to look for info also, but, in my humble opinion, if you are getting back into it, i would use whatever CT suggests to the letter. it will build strength and explosiveness. then incorporate your throwing and drills etc. if you overdo whatever CT tells you because of whatever reason, you will probably injure yourself. the jav is an extremely violent event. you see world class throwers that look like coatracks, or gymnasts, or even shotputters, or wrestlers.
when i was 30 i threw in an open event, i did ok i guess, i hit 185 wit the new jav, BUT, on 1 throw, i tore my meniscus and my ACL.
hope this helps some