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Layers For fat Loss--Questions, Comments


CT, I just started the layers for fat loss;

1) ramp, 1RM
2) 2 cluster sets @ 90% of 1RM
3) start 70% of 1RM, ramp to 2RM
4) 2 cluster sets @ 90% of 2RM
5) start 70% 1RM, ramp to 3RM
6) 1 extended set @80% of 3RM

I'm using the following split:

Day 1: slight incline press
Day 2: SGHP
Day 3: TBDL
Day 4: slight decline press
Day 5: SGHP
Day 6: off
Day 7: off--low protein

I'm doing 6 pulses of MAG-10/day, with one healthy solid meal.

First thing I noticed is that the volume is higher, and thus the workouts take longer. For example, my leg day on the hypertrophy layers usually takes ~ 50 min. On the fat loss layers, it took 1hr. 25 min. today! It was brutal!

So, I have a question: Should we be periodizing these fat loss layers in some way?

Just a comment: if you need "conditionong" work after the fat loss layers, there must be something very wrong with your metabolism! These are very metabolically draining workouts which create a large "metabolic debt".



What's interesting too, is that my musculo-skeletal system doesn't feel beat up; and, in fact, my CNS feels pretty fresh just a short while after this workout, but DURING the workout--how brutal! I suppose this may just be a matter of "conditioning"?



crowbar CT will chime In but your times will come down once you get In the groove.I've ran this and the max strength layer which are very similar.When I first started It took some time,now It's pretty close to the same.You will find that you will rest less and less as time goes on.Just my experience's with them,hope that help's.


@jp: Yeahhhh JPSnapper.

@crow: Acccccctually, CT recommends for the fatloss layers to just do one Decline Bench day and one HighPull day at the volume above. For the other 3 days do this:

Ramp to 3 RM

Then 90% of 3 RM do 8 sets of 2- 8 reps. What ever you can manage.


OK, I'm a little confused now as the above template I posted was from CT., and he never mentions in that thread to modify it as you suggested Brandon. In another thread CT suggested if using the layers for fat loss you could do two layers (decline press, SGHP), then 3 workouts of: 3,3,3,6,6,6

So, it sounds like what Brandon suggested is another way to structure the layers while on a fat loss cycle (which is very similar to what I read). However, the template I posted above may be yet another way to structure the layers for fat loss which does not "require" that you switch off. In fact, I'll have to go back and find the post where the template I posted above came from because I think the original poster was asking about using layers for fat loss WITHOUT having to switch to another training style.



Brandon, I found the thread: it was you. CT laid out the template I posted above, but never mentioned anything about only using it 2 days/week. In fact, he said recovery should be fairly "easy" as long as general stress levels were monitored to prevent CNS burnout.




Here read this -


If it doesn't redirect you, look for genetic synergys post for fat loss on page 2 of CT forum.


CT, could you weigh in here,




Brandon, I read that, but the above template is different than the strength focused layers (which CT does recommend only using 2x/week). They are similar but different. It's still my understanding that the above template is specifically a fat loss layer to be used on all training days each week.




Per CT from the above directed thread:

"It is a VERY demanding workout. During a fat loss layer when using the strength program I recommend only doing 1 day of high pulls and 1 day of slight decline bench with the strength focused layer. The other days should also focus on one main lift, but only ramp to a 3RM then perform 8 sets of 8 reps with 90% of that 3RM "


Yes, FOR THE STRENGTH LAYERS. The above template is NOT the strength focused layers (it is a modified version for use as fat loss layers).



CT, should we still be using 6-9 sets to reach our 2 and 3 RM?




CT, could you give your opinion on this?