Layers/BDWP Alternating Cycle

You can probably chalk this down to stupid shower thoughts, but I’m curious what Thibs and others would think about a cycle that alternated layers and BDWP. For instance:

Days 1-4: Layers
-Back squat layers
-Bench layers
-SGHP layers
-OHP layers
Day 5: rest
Days 6-9: BDWP
-Push A
-Pull A
-Push B
-Pull B
Day 10: rest

No assistance work on layers days, just the main lifts and you’re out. Maybe run through this ten day cycle 2-3 times, then do opposite training for 10 days. Stupid, viable, irrelevant, etc? I’m only thinking hypothetically here–I’ve done both programs as-written, and loved both of them

I’m not saying it wont work, it probably will. But changing every week might not be optimal… but it could… it depends on your neurological profile.

Dopamine dominant could actually use even more frequent variation:

Day 1: Squat layer (Monday)
Day 2: Push A - no squat (Tuesday)
Day 3: SGHP layer (Thursday)
Day 4: Push B (Saturday)
Day 5: Pull A (Monday)
Day 6: OHP layer (Tuesday)
Day 7: Pull B (Thursday)
Day 8: Repeat - back to squat layers (Saturday)
Day 9: Push A (Monday)
Day 10: SGHP (Tuesday)

If you are acetylcholine dominant your set-up is fine BUT I would not train more than 3 days in a row.

If you are mixed type I would stick 2 weeks with the same plan.

If you are GABA dominant you likely need to do 3-4 weeks of each

If you are serotonin dominant you should take up knitting

To know your dominance, look up the “Braverman test”


aweosme, that makes sense! Thanks for suggesting Braverman test–I know youve talked about psychological/neuroliogical profiles and training before, but Id -never seen that method, makes a lot of sense

alao funny you said this might be better for acetylcholine dominance, because thats what I came out as. Maybe thats why the idea of this structure appeals ro me

Very likely… we are naturally attracted to things that fit our psychological profile

CT, I’ve been seeing a lot of mention in your articles and posts on the forum about training to match one’s neurological profile. Is there a more complete post that I’ve missed outlining things to look for when training per your individual profile? I took the test and came out GABA dominant, which makes sense (from what I gathered so far) as I am a sucker for percentages and carefully laid out long-term programs. Are there any other specific things to try to keep in mind?

I think CT’s first comment on this post is enough information.
It has come up several times recently and there are other mentions of it in this particular forum. May want to do some searching.

I would think that part of the efficiency in the layer system is also the frequency of the lifts.

I have suggested on here before to just incorporate 1 layer day in your weekly training and then of course have it be your weakest lifting pattern. Works pretty well.

I take that to mean if you’re GABA-dominant, you could do with more volume and less intensity.

As in, do more repetitions, less maxing-out.

Correct… but it also means that you should put less emphasis on neurologically demanding exercises

I understand. Thanks for the reply Christian.