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Layers After 6 Weeks of 4 Day Split


Hi ct been doing this.
Weeks 1-3 5/4/3/2/1
weeks 4-6 ramp to 3rm

Pause bench in 3/4x4-6 and dumbbell bench in 3x6-8 rep range
Then some isolation and pump work for pecs


Front squats 3/4x4-6
Leg extensions 3x12 with 2sec squeeze


Power clean + press
Press with 3 sec pause at forehead during concentric 3/4x4-6
Hang clean and press 3x6-8
Some lateral raise, reverse flyes, face pulls circuit or extended sets


Power clean
SGHP 3/4x4-6
Pull-ups 3/4x6-8
Seated row 3x8-10

Now I want to do layers but keep most of the excersizes.
Thinking the first 3 days bench, squat, press do
Ramp to 2rm
Then 90% doubles emom for 12 minutes
80% clusters 3/4x4-6
70% 5 sec negative by 4x4-6
60% rhythmic reps 2/3x6-8
Maybe some pump isolation work

Then on Saturday
SGHP ramp to 3rm
Clean pull ramp to 3rm
Low pull ramp to 3rm
Dead lift with shrug 3rm in 3-4 sets
Pull-ups 3x6-8
Seated row 3x8-10
Look okay? Thoughts? Thanks CT I got really strong in my early twenties on pendulum powerlifting especially deadlift. And I’ve been following your principles on t-nation since the early 2000’s.


I actually started the second week of this yesterday, I work nights so the days are off by one Monday’s workout is Tuesday morning. I did my 2 reps emom for 14 minutes (next week will be 16) and on my clusters I did 4,2,1 for two sets and a third of 3,1,1 they felt solid and I felt strong through out. I know traditionally clusters are reset between each rep but this felt better for me at this percentage and excersize.
What would you recommend doing after three weeks of this layer style plan?
My goal is hypertrophy. I want to keep strength levels up, but truly my secondary goal is leanness.