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Layering for the Deltoids



hey, just wondering what you consider to be an ideal layer routine that focuses on the deltoids?

also, do you consider high pull variations enough to stimulate lateral deltoid growth?

many thanks in advance!



I'm sure CT will have a much better and more technical answer. From my personal experience: When CT first brought to us the snatch grip high pull and rack scraper presses I dissed them as just variations of the same old exercises. I finally came around, my shoulders grew, and from an aesthetic perspective I feel like it has changed my look, from the ribs up any way. These are my core shoulder exercises now. No matter how you "layer" a shoulder workout, these two exercises should be in there somewhere.


Agreed. I also like the full lateral raises (a video of Lu Xiajun was posted doing them) as a pre-fatigue prior to the main shoulder work.


thank you guys!

CT would you advise the full lateral raises before a SGHP layer day? -or maybe after the SGHP layers?

also, i was thinking of a 5 day split; two SGHP days, decline press day, CG muscle snatch day, and a front squat day.. do you think this is a good idea for shoulder (deltoids specifically) focused layer routine?


I personally like to use it for 3-4 sets before doing muscle snatches with a clean grip. But they can also be done before high pulls. I use them to pre-load the delts with mire nutrient-roch blood before the major loading work